XII Boar unleash cover of Motörhead’s ‘Damage Case’


It’s always good to see a UK band going from strength to strength despite the ignorance of the masses, and XII Boar are a fine example of such exponence, having released several killer EPs and singles including this year’s 7″ ‘Truck Stop Baby‘. The band have now revealed a previously unreleased recording from that record’s sessions, in the mold of a tribute to the legendary Motörhead’s ‘Damage Case’, hallmarked by the trio’s wicked blend of sludge, stoner rock and blues, marks of which are left all over this version. It rocks from one style to enough, dropping into the bluesy section with an ‘eins, zwei, drei, vier!‘ and the result is emphatic enough for this to be considered one of my favourite Motörhead covers around.

The cover is available on their Bandcamp page and can be streamed and downloaded for free. You can stream it below here too. Get on it!

We Must Obey Best of 2012 Playlist!


It might be 2013 but we can’t just say goodbye to 2012 without a happy look back at a cracking year of metal. So with a much improved mobile in my hands, I’ve taken the step of signing to Spotify, and before you now is a special 2012 playlist culled from our top 10 lists for full albums and short releases. It includes the whole of Tree of Sores dominating ‘A Cry of Despair’, as well as tracks from Down, Coilguns, High on Fire, Woods of Ypres and more. 12 songs in total, and its fecking heavy too. So take a look and have a listen! And if Spotify can please get their site and app to allow me to sign up as a Premium user full time, we can make this a regular thing!

Click below to access the playlist:


Peter Clegg