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Not Your Cup of Tea
When Planets Collide

When I started We Must Obey, I was part of a band called Poison Dwarf. I was bandmates with two of the guys from this band, Phil (guitar) and Mike (vocals/bass). Mike of course has contributed occasionally to this blog, while creating his own profile with the Manchester-based promotions team CLDH, and more recently, with sludge-rockers Pist. We played together for nearly two and a half years, until parenthood came calling for me and in the end, we played one final show together supporting The Prophecy, Iron Void and WMO favourites Iron Witch in August 2011 before going on hiatus. Poison Dwarf never officially died – more, it mutated into what was to become Wort, with the two remaining PD members joining up with drummer .

I could easily make this one of my old ‘Shameless Plug’ posts, but given how genuinely impressed I am with the results here, it is important to judge their official debut release, ‘Not Your Cup of Tea’ (complete with brilliant artwork from Dominic Sohor) on its merits. Yes, it hardly reinvents the wheel, but what it does do, as I can attest to (and you, if you listened to their demo, ‘WORT’s N’All!’) is show how this band have evolved into a beast to be reckoned with alongside the current proud crop of the UK scene. The tempo is slightly upped from that release, the production beefed up all around, and each track is stronger than the previous one. ‘The Swine Herd’ has a nice psychedelic vocal within it to add to its driving, pounding nature, and ‘Tea’ is just an all-round riffer that nicely rounds things off with the sound of Phil vomiting from a rank brew. Which is nothing new, let me tell you, haha.

Seriously though, ‘Not Your Cup of Tea’ is definitely my cup of tea, and it should be yours too. Sadly all the CD copies have sold out, but you can pick this up on name-your-price download. Give ‘em a wave will you?

Peter Clegg

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Peter Clegg

We Must Obey – Two years!

Well, we made it. We limped a bit towards this date, but we made it.


Yes, We Must Obey is two years old today! Wow, it feels like a long time ago when we started, but despite remaining a small unit, with an increasing workload thanks to the bands, labels and PR firms that fuel this blog, and

Who to thank? Well I must start with the main people who fuel the fire of this blog. These people being Lauren Barley at Rarely Unable, Kim Kelly at Catharsis PR, Chris at Witch Hunter Records, all of whom are among those who continue to furnish us with the latest output and generally show us the love. Paul Priest and Raw Nerve Zine who really went as all out as we did in support of our promotion of ‘kin Hell Fest and hopefully this is an event and indeed a scene you’ll hear a lot more of. Cheers again to Chris Fane for finally providing us with a logo – if only WordPress had a theme as evil and as accommodating of them as possible for us to display them in their full glory. That’s something to continue to work on. Thank you as well to all the bands and label heads who continue to send things my way. I’m sorry if I can’t remember you all by name but you’re too numerous to mention, and you will at some point have seen your name appear here. And if you’re still among those waiting for a review of your submission to appear, I do apologise. The last month or so in particular has been mental, to say the least, and we do aim to catch up. Thanks for not badgering me.

I must also thank Michael Collins for his continued, if fleeting, correspondence for We Must Obey. He’s been here from the start and continues to be most interesting and entertaining in his views, all while continuing to front his current doom band Wort (shameless plug) and while being a part of the Manchester-based promotions crew CLDH, whom you all keep an eye on too.

And of course, anyone who follows our site, be it through Facebook, Twitter, or you dedicated souls on WordPress who continue to pick up our feed on the Reader. Keep putting the word out there folks,

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I do apologise and I assure you that whoever you are, you’ve been a part of this awesome experience and though its getting more and more stressful trying to keep up to date with this in the wake of family matters, new personal interests, my day job and various other things, I will press on with continuing to highlight the very best –and occasionally the worst – our beloved underground scene, from the UK shores to all over the world. And occasionally, we’ll debate, approve, upset, and maybe even surprise.

Peter Clegg