Woe – Withdrawal



After riding as a solo machine for the first few years, Philly black metal crew Woe return with new album ‘Withdrawal‘, the first album to feature a full band as opposed to Chris Grigg, previously all things Woe, and the sum of their collective parts marks a significant improvement in their delivery. Its not groundbreaking, but by and large ‘Withdrawal’ is the best album the Philadelphia crew have put out to date. Its doesn’t feel as grim or as caustic as your average black metal album, perhaps due to the clean, thunderous production from Grigg and mastering from Colin Marston, perhaps due to the band’s willingness to dip a toe outside of the genre’s waters; but for the most part Woe crack through these songs. The excellent ‘Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth’ and ‘All Bridges Burned’ are prime displays of raw power and finesse, and yet display a new found catchiness that doesn’t signify their signature sound being sacrificed, more enhanced for it, with the majority of ‘Withdrawal’ riding along mercilessly on galloping hooves of thunder. The title track is the only let down, featuring right at the end and coming in slightly shorter in comparison to the other tracks, with a bit of a weak layered lead riff closing out the album, leaving it feel slightly rushed. But the USBM hydra is continuing to grow many more heads, and Woe are just another one of them as it continues its rise to tyranny across the US scene.

Peter Clegg

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