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Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust
Toxic Waste

I’ve been admittedly slow to actually go out and get Municipal Waste’s latest album, ‘The Fatal Feast’, despite having been quick to obtain their previous records upon release. I’m not sure why this is about from the lack of cash or even failure to check out any potential streams. And remember, I run this blog on a shoestring – I don’t even have Spotify – so I take what I can get. And unfortunately, I haven’t got ‘The Fatal Feast’. Contrastly, I did get Toxic Holocaust’s latest album ‘Conjure and Command’ and enjoyed it, though you guys wouldn’t know cos I didn’t get round to reviewing it.

All of the above be irrelevant now though, cos the two have teamed up for the most-excellently named ‘Toxic Waste’, each contributing two tracks delivered in non-too-surprising fashion. The ‘Waste go first, with ‘Trapped in the Sites’, a catchy anthem designed to get your thrash-skank on to, and ‘Mourning Sex’, which doesn’t take two guesses to guess what its about. This is the more frenetic of the two MW tracks, practically galloping from Witte’s twin pedal attack towards the end. Toxic Holocaust start off in party mood with ‘We Bring ‘Em Hell’, and the more typical bashing of ‘Altar-ed States’. Both bring the now requisite Toxic Holocaust snarl and crunch to the table, not bringing anything new but showing the desired step up in quality that has brought Joel Grind’s men this far, thus far.

Originally available on a coloured 7” vinyl, Tankcrimes kindly made the EP free to download, generating 6,900 downloads in its first 24 hours! It’s not too late to join the party, and you can stream ‘Toxic Waste’ below if you’re still not convinced.

Peter Clegg

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