Riptide – Mind Beach EP


Mind Beach EP

Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, ‘hardcore surf’ crew Riptide have set about aiming for the most bodacious pit since their inception, and here on ‘Mind Beach’, they blitz through five songs that mix chilled out vibes with rabid intensity. There is a sense of schizophrenia about the whole thing, with a purely surf rock instrumental, ‘Tan Lines’, thrown right into the mixer on this release, popping up as the meat in the small, hardcore sandwich. But after the final chords of that song jangle, they rev up two more blistering assaults, the confrontational ‘Loudmouth’ and the eponymous closer, a thrashcore song about tearing it up on the beach. ‘Building up castles just to tear ‘em down’, their vocalist bellows. It sounds a touch gimmicky but its still all veins coarsing with gut-busting rage. There’s something hugely enjoyable about Riptide in the same way as Municipal Waste, Righteous Jams, Judge, Youth Choir, etc. With a bit more time maybe the surf breaks can be executed a little better, without killing any opening momentum, but Riptide are certainly ones to open up that sandpit!

Peter Clegg

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