Various Artists – Dumb and Dumber OST


I should note before going any further that normally, my underrated feature usually only includes specific songs or albums that I feel warrant further recognition – a full list follows at the bottom of this feature. So this is the first time I’ve actually selected a film’s soundtrack for inclusion in this series. Maybe its because this film was a part of my growing up that I hold it in high regard. The same is becoming of its soundtrack. I know soundtracks don’t get recognition unless they’re absolutely bombastic and nominated for an Oscar. A mishmash of alternative rock and mainstream pop, some of which is tinged with the dreaded ‘N’ word – novelty – ought to disappear into bargain bins and forgotten consciousnesses everywhere. Yet somehow, the soundtrack to the 1994 comedy movie ‘Dumb & Dumber’ is remarkably resilient. Or at least it is in my mind.

Just recently, the Pete Droge song ‘If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Kill Myself)’ entered my head for no apparent reason other than recall. It floated around for a few days until I finally decided to check it out on YouTube. I began to realise that the Dumb and Dumber OST (RCA, 1994) appeared to be aging remarkably well. Off the back of that, I checked out the Gigolo Aunts’ ‘Where I Find My Heaven’, whose video took various clips from the film, and in which their singer Dave Gibbs looks a lot like Jim Carrey’s character Lloyd Christmas. There’s also a joyous cover of the Smokey Robinson-penned ‘Get Ready’ by The Proclaimers, the bounce of Deadeye Dick’s flash-in-the-pan hit ‘New Age Girl’ and the summery pop-rock of The Primitive’s ‘Crash (’95 mix) – the remix signifying additional guitars that made this particular version of the song, originally recorded in 1988, the standout version.

Gigolo Aunts – Where I Find My Heaven

There are songs I struggle to remember actually hearing in the movie – its been a long time since I watched it – so the soundtrack also features stuff such as a cover of ‘The Hurdy Gurdy Man’ at the B Surfers, who’s messed-up take on the song produced an even more out-there video, and contributions from comedy metallers Green Jelly, one-time Britpop darlings Echobelly, and alt-rockers The Lupins and The Sons (feat. Bret Reilly), among others. There are one or two omissions from the official soundtrack I find slightly regrettable, most notably Nick Cave’s brilliant ‘Red Right Hand’, and the timeless/annoying (depending on your perspective) Crash Test Dummies hit ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’, which appeared to be dropped in favour of their cover of XTC’s ‘The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead’.

Its true to say as well that the vast number of cover versions and the numerous one-hit wonders it spawned might well make this soundtrack disposable, but it captures an essence about this part of the 90s and indeed the happy-go-lucky nature of the film. Indeed, I’m pleased and thankful enough for a childhood that allowed me absorb films and songs like this before I could fully appreciate their nuances and quirks. Summer might well be over – some may argue it didn’t even happen this year – but this collection is certainly sunshine throughout the year, whichever way you look at it.

Peter Clegg

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