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Since emerging with the blistering and bludgeoning ‘Stadia Rods’ earlier in the year, Coilguns have begun to make quite the name for themselves, gaining some deserved plaudits for their monstrous sludgey d-beat/metalcore assault that has seen them rise above being known as just another Ocean side-project to the uninformed. This latest release is a nice stop-gap to keep things ticking until the band’s debut full-length is released next year. They seem to excel most when pushing the lengths of their songs – it allows a progressive nature to their vicious metalcore attack and the opening ‘Mandarin Hornet’ is proof perfect of that, turning into a snarling hive a few minutes in with bludgeoning guitars and some riproaring roars from vocalist Louis. The other half of the split is presented by Never Void, more commonly known as NVRVD, a German trio who play what seems to be a mix of Converge-esque hardcore and now traditional European melodeath. It doesn’t come off as spectacular as their splitmates but its still effective, pounding along in efficient fashion.

Two more live tracks per band are added beyond studio recordings, with Coilguns sounding particularly fierce on ‘Parkensine’ (originally from ‘Stadia Rods‘). It fleshes out a sufficient package; not the best split you’ll hear but a statement of what both bands are all about, ahead of expected further exposure next year. As least, as far as I expect, cos both these bands are set to explode.

Coilguns/NVRVD‘ is also available through Dead Dead Dead Records, Hummus Records and Invektiv Records.

Peter Clegg

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