Sloth Herder – Abandon Pop Sensibility EP


Sloth Herder
Abandon Pop Sensibility EP

Following on from their initial effort ‘Sluggard’, Maryland grinders Sloth Herder are back with a more blackened approach on their second EP ‘Abandon Pop Sensibility’. Their debut certainly showed signs of promise and this second release certainly backs that up, showing a nice progression in their sound throughout. Whereas ‘Sluggard’ was just as fast and brutal, this release shows some added nous, with an instrumental title-track adding some mysterious tones in the shape of an echoey, bass-heavy riff. That’s the primer for a furious assault over the next five songs, which echo a little more of black metal fury than the darkened grind of their previous. ‘Relapse/Reward’ is a particular stand out track for me, with a slower build-up before hitting the warp speed button. This is definitely the band’s best output yet – its faster, its tighter, and infinitely more evil sounding.

Peter Clegg

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