Famine – A Hand of Sore Thumbs


A Hand of Sore Thumbs

After a couple of titbits released via their Bandcamp page, ‘A Hand of Sore Thumbs’ marks the first full EP release for Leeds’ latest emergent from its thriving hardcore/powerviolence scene, Famine. And what a fabulous racket they make. Five songs make up this release, and its excellent that all have a bit of longevity to them – even at under 90 seconds, their songs are allowed to breathe and develop and that’s what’s part of why this release is so good. ‘Sold Bowels (Saved Owls)’ is undoubtedly one of the highlights, a fast burst, a blast section, and then the chorus which you’ll no doubt be busting your lungs to if you see these guys live. The expected fast/slow shifts are always present but Famine keep interest levels up with some phenomenal crossover-esque riffing and excellent vocal delivery. A great mix of hardcore, powerviolence and crossover elements to be had here, and Famine are offering it at name-your-price download, with tapes due on Reagent shortly. Go!

Peter Clegg

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