And the first bands for ‘Kin Hell Fest 2 are…

It’s barely been a week since the sequel to the original ‘Kin Hell Fest in Leeds was announced, and already the festival has secured the first eleven bands for its new three-day format!

So without further ado, here they are:


Yes yes yes! That flyer does confirm shithot death-thrashers Flayed Disciple, drone overlords Bong, avant-garde black metallers A Forest of Stars and some ripping death metal filth from Cancerous Womb are just a few of the names confirmed to tear up The Well! Also announced, returning from last year’s fest are The Atrocity Exhibit and Foetal Juice, who smashed the fest a new one last year, and more new names in the form of Masochist and Nu Pogodi.

And for the first time, the fest is bringing over Euro acts for the first time, in the shape of Belgium’s Alkerdeel & A Den of Robbers, plus Holland’s party grind legends Rompeprop, whose name is most prominent on the above flyer and with good reason too! Wow, this is shaping up very nicely indeed!

Ticket prices will be announced shortly. The fest will run from 7pm-midnight on the Friday, from 12pm to midnight on the Saturday, and from 1-9pm on the Sunday, allowing plenty of time for that last train home.

The official ‘Kin Hell Fest site has all the videos and info you need on the bands, so get over there now and prepare yourself for one of 2013’s top extreme parties!

Peter Clegg

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