‘Kin Hell Fest news overload!


There’s been some changes going on with ‘Kin Hell Fest in the last couple of weeks, and rather than me explaining it all, I’m lifting the official press release as posted on their official page. Needless to say, there’s the odd disappointment but there’s still plenty to cheer. Please read on below:

So, there’s been a lot going on in the last couple of weeks again with the festival. Here it is in brief as time is tight…

NEW ADDITIONS TO THE BILL! – Corrupt Moral Altar This veritable underground supergroup have only been around a few months but already making massive waves, come witness their weird and awesome brand of sludgey riffy grind on the Sunday.

Cancerous Womb will be playing an ‘Acoustic Womb’ set as well! Acoustic death metal shall be following Rompeprop on the Saturday night for a bit of extra special fun.

– We add Grindscene Records to our list of helpers and associates, the awesome Irish label have been helping us with flyer printing and word spreading of late.

Bong have moved from the Saturday to the Sunday so they can also take in another gig in London on the Saturday. They are perfectly placed (I hope you’ll agree) in between Iron Witch and A Forest Of Stars!

A FEW BITS OF BAD NEWS… – Lazarus Blackstar have had to pull out due to understandable personal reasons.

– This will be Diascorium‘s last gig. The band part ways after that (with the exception of a hopeful last recording of their new bonkers material). No bad blood in the band, just each member’s personal circumstances making it not possible to continue. Witness their final set late on Friday night.

MORE FEST INFO! – Full running orders and times are on the TICKETS page. Winterfylleth won’t be on last but are still the Friday headliners, for those knowledgeable of European festivals, it’s often the case to have other bands after the headliners, and to accommodate a lot of people traveling to see these guys, we have them finishing by 11pm. – We will hopefully be unveiling one, or maybe even two t-shirt designs that will hopefully be up for advance order soon. The mightily talented Steve Myles (Khuda / Royal Park Cellars) has been beavering away on some daft ideas for us, the results will hopefully be spread around very soon.

CRASH SPACE! – We can happily announce that Eiger Music Studios will be hosting after show gathering / party / chill out areas / crash space for people, just £5 in and you can stay the night, carry on drinking, eat, chat and order takeaway, as well as sleep! Full details in the HOTELS section on this site. Hopefully this will help people make the decision to come to the fest from afar, as you will now be able to get a full weekend ticket and a place to crash for just £50!

TICKET PRICES ON THE DOORS ANNOUNCED… – Friday will be £10 (£9 in advance) – Saturday will be £17 (£16 in advance) – Sunday will be £13 (£11 in advance) – Full weekend ticket will be £39 on the door (£35 in advance)

Without wanting to beg, but the sooner people sort out their advance tickets, the more this will help the festival as there are things we need to pay for in advance to make it happen. We have recently had a few setbacks with the technical side of things, and with just FIVE WEEKS TO GO until ‘kin Hell Fest 2013, we need to know that you, the awesome audience, are all fully behind this and supporting us, otherwise there will be no future festivals. So, please, if your intentions are to come to this, please get your tickets in advance of the date, and it will help us out a lot more than you realise. Any word spreading of this website, the flyer and the event page is immensely appreciated. You can all say you’ve played a massive part in the success of this festival, into making sure all the bands don’t make a loss on their travel from all over the UK and Europe, and that we can confidently book 2014 with a few even bigger bands.

Cheers, Paul / ‘kin Hell Fest

So there you have it. Hit up the link in the top corner now – only FIVE WEEKS TO GO!

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest 2013- the final four bands revealed!


Its been a while since we brought you an update on the latest ongoings with ‘Kin Hell Fest, the Leeds extreme music fest that exploded in 2011 and is back bigger than ever for 2013. Regular visitors here will no doubt be aware thanks to the permanent flyer in the top corner of the page, which will take you to the official site for tickets. We’re now proudly in association with the festival as ‘one of many awesome people’.

Anyways, its been a long time coming, so enough waffling from me, here’s the final four bands for this monster weekend at the Templeworks:


And yet again, they’ve pulled it out of the bag! That’s right, Bradford’s, and indeed one of the UK’s heaviest sludge/doom crews Lazarus Blackstar will be on stage at this year’s festival, hot off the back of their stellar new album ‘Hymns for the Cursed’. Burnley’s murkiest Kastrated will also be slamming down their vicious death metal brewed with their morbid sense of humour too. Also bringing much hilarity and carnage in their wake is London’s goregrind lads Gout, and finally coming down from West Lothian, Scotland are Sufferinfuck, who’ve been tearing up the ridiculously good Scottish scene for sometime and are now heading our way to destroy ours too, even if it is just for one day.

Tickets are still on sale for this fest and are selling very well indeed, taking place between 26-28th April at its new venue, The Templeworks, Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds, priced at £35 for a full weekend ticket, as well as day ticket options too. Line ups for each day available here, via the official site or the official Facebook page. There’ll be a number of top stalls and stands too to cast your eyes over.

That’s it for your bands now – thirty five absolute pearlers to get yourselves ready for. But there’s still several weeks to pass by until ‘Kin Hell Fest is finally upon us. Do yourselves a favour and hit the official ‘Kin Hell Fest Facebook page for full updates on stage times, stalls, discussion and more, you lucky, lucky people!

Peter Clegg


‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 – Four more bands confirmed


‘Kin Hell Fest. The only gift this festive season that keeps on giving. Ok, to say its festive season in November seems a little hasty but then, I don’t start putting trimmings up in July like posh high street shops too. I digress.

The latest four bands for 2013’s extreme extravaganza are:


Si! Those mental bastards The Afternoon Gentlemen will be back once again to truly fuck up The Well their blistering brand of poggerviolence, taking the main support slot behind Rompeprop on the Saturday. Dirge doomers Sloth Hammer and Ishmael are now officially confirmed, as well as the post-progressiveness of Envoys!

This brings the line up to 31/32 bands, with the final act to be announced soon. Early bird tickets are still available – click here to get your hands on one of the last few while you can, as after this week they’ll be full price.

As standard, get to the official Facebook page for regular updates!

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest 2 early bird tickets now on sale


Limited early bird tickets for next April’s ‘Kin Hell Fest 2 in Leeds are now available, with 3-day and single day tickets available at a slightly lower price for a limited time only. Day splits have not yet been announced, although rising  English black metallers Winterfylleth will headline on Friday 26th, with Dutch gore grind party crew Rompeprop headlining Saturday 27th. Head to the official ‘Kin Hell Fest site now to book your spot at the extreme fest of 2013!

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest on Facebook

And the first bands for ‘Kin Hell Fest 2 are…

It’s barely been a week since the sequel to the original ‘Kin Hell Fest in Leeds was announced, and already the festival has secured the first eleven bands for its new three-day format!

So without further ado, here they are:


Yes yes yes! That flyer does confirm shithot death-thrashers Flayed Disciple, drone overlords Bong, avant-garde black metallers A Forest of Stars and some ripping death metal filth from Cancerous Womb are just a few of the names confirmed to tear up The Well! Also announced, returning from last year’s fest are The Atrocity Exhibit and Foetal Juice, who smashed the fest a new one last year, and more new names in the form of Masochist and Nu Pogodi.

And for the first time, the fest is bringing over Euro acts for the first time, in the shape of Belgium’s Alkerdeel & A Den of Robbers, plus Holland’s party grind legends Rompeprop, whose name is most prominent on the above flyer and with good reason too! Wow, this is shaping up very nicely indeed!

Ticket prices will be announced shortly. The fest will run from 7pm-midnight on the Friday, from 12pm to midnight on the Saturday, and from 1-9pm on the Sunday, allowing plenty of time for that last train home.

The official ‘Kin Hell Fest site has all the videos and info you need on the bands, so get over there now and prepare yourself for one of 2013’s top extreme parties!

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest on Facebook

‘Kin Hell Fest is back – and BIGGER!


That’s fucking right people. We Must Obey unofficially promoted the inaugural ‘Kin Hell Fest when it debuted back in November 2011. There was no such repeat lined up for this year, but Raw Nerve and festival main man/all round good guy Paul Priest has officially announced the return of the festival in a new three-day format!


The second edition of the festival will take place over the weekend of 26th-28th April, at The Well in Leeds (which reopened a few months ago). At least 25 acts covering grind, hardcore, death metal, black metal, thrash, slam and more are expected to be announced including some international names for the first time. More details will be confirmed over the coming weeks and months.

In case you missed it, here’s our round-up of the original fest in all its glory, featuring Ingested, Astrohenge, Khuda and more.

Please click here for the full announcement, and get ready to have your back doors smashed in by some of the best ear-splitting noise on offer!

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest Facebook page