Jesu – Christmas

Here it is people. Almost. Merry Festivus and all that. This is the last Christmas post of the season and its a reflective one. Though I’ve no idea what the lyrics are to this song (can anyone help?), it certainly feels like a song on which we should truly try and remember what Christmas actually means. It doesn’t mean promising your kids the earth when you can’t afford it for all the cigs and crap you’d rather spend your money on. It doesn’t mean get around the telly box for Mrs. Brown’s Boys or around a wi-fi connection to play Call of Duty online. Nor does it mean having that festive cheer forced down your throat. Where’s my Christmas spirit, you say? It’s dying at the side of the road of hardships and false meanings. At least I realised in time, before the spirits of yours actually died.

The song probably isn’t that negative, but I do urge people to listen to the wonderful Christmas by Jesu and try to think about a) the real meaning of Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, in real-world terms, and b) the genius that is Justin Broadrick.

Have a good one people.

Peter Clegg