Gripe – In His Image


In His Image
Hygiene/Witch Bukkake

Gripe have been one of the bands this blog has followed since close to their inception a few years back, first blasting my ears with the brilliant ‘The Future Doesn’t Need You‘, a fine statement of grindy powerviolence that really didn’t fuck around and showed the great potential which the band have since delivered. It’s with a little sadness that in a little under four years since that release, the band are calling it a day, but enough with sentiment – Gripe don’t do apologies and it’s appropriate that they sign off with their first and only full length album to date, ‘In His Image‘, and in supreme apocalyptic rage to boot.

That a sample on the opener ‘7 Billion Reasons Not to Reproduce’ shouldn’t be of surprise, nor should the introduction of a slow riff that often teases to explode into something, and then eventually does with the sort of anarchy that Gripe bring to the table. As the album progresses, it becomes evident that this is one killer record, really picking up a gear once the band recede into the 90 seconds and less mark. ‘Devolved’ and ‘Botgrinder’ and the particularly brutal ‘Sick Fuck’ make an impressive trio, and there’s not a song on this record that fails to really meet the high standard of grind/PV that Gripe have always managed to produce. As they yell ‘you are fucking dead to me‘ during closer ‘Snowden’s dying embers, it is the final stamp from a band who from first second to last didn’t stray from any other path than to make the unholiest din that rails against the injustice and greed of the modern world.

In His Image‘ is released on limited vinyl soon + download – give the band the send off they deserve and get annihilated in the process.

Peter Clegg

In His Image‘ is released on Friday 31st January via Hygiene/Witch Bukkake.
Stream it below: