Gunfinger – Gunfinger EP


Gunfinger EP

We’ve covered seemingly countless excellent Scottish bands on this blog who produce no end of audio atrocities that feel like a venerable wake-up call each time they come along – whether its been noise rockers like Fat Janitor, or death metallers like Cancerous Womb or Man Must Die. Yet its grindcore and powerviolence that seem to be one of the Scottish underground’s consistently excellent streams, having previously delivered gold with the likes of Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair, xHaroldShitmanx, Sufferinfuck, in fact, all manner of disgustingly named bands have spewed forth from that area. Glasgow’s Gunfinger might not sound particularly wretchy, but their s/t EP is a blast of powerviolence that serves up as a reminder of the power that Western Scotland seems to hold right now.

This particularly record starts off with an intro to build up to the sonic violence that’s about to go down, and for the next few minutes they provide some razor sharp riffs and culpable rage on songs such as ‘Great with Words’ and the brilliantly named ‘Glasgow Pecker Violence’. Curiously, it finishes with ‘It Is A Sin to Kill a Mockingbird’, a six-minute plus sludge track riffed underneath Atticus Finch’s speech to the jury in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. There is no doubting what a classic film that is and indeed what a classic character Finch is. And it feels like a fitting and nice way to finish an explosive album, though I feel Finch’s character is so great it carries much more weight than the music itself.

Still, Gunfinger are a fine addition to come from the Scottish extreme scene, and have followed up on the ‘Youth Disillusionment’ demo predictably well. This is available as a name-your-price download direct from the band’s Bandcamp page, so don’t you dare miss out on this wee bit of tartan terror.

Peter Clegg

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