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Geryon is the not-so-new project of Nicholas McMaster and Lev Weinstein, known primarily as now key figures in the New York progressive metal scene, due to their work with acts such as Krallice and Castevet. Before they joined Krallice, they formed as Astomatous (who you can read all about here – at Invisible Oranges). That project was mired into the cognitive backburner for a while but survived long enough to be reborn as Geryon. The two combine here, as with Astomatous, purely as a bass-and-drums death metal duo, and here they do an excellent job on Geryon’s s/t debut. The four tracks stand up well as they are put through an intense onslaught of bare bones riffing and battering with as much intensity and complexity as the musicians’ more well-known pursuits. What’s not to love about the breakdown that comes in ‘To The Silenced’, where McMaster delivers a jarring riff, undoubtedly highlighting the lack of a guitarist but equally proving an enthralling concept as well. Death metal often undervalues the power of a bassist, and here it takes centre stage, with fellow conspirator Weinstein hanging on for every twist and turn with precision blasting and verve. Having been allowed to fester in the forgotten catacombs for a year or two, the survival of this project and its overall outcome owes to its members’ time served within the New York scene; an enterprising work that is wholly worthy of your consideration.

You can stream this release below and purchase it from their Bandcamp page. A vinyl version will be coming through Gilead Media in early 2014. Recommended.

Peter Clegg

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