Jungbluth – Part Ache


Part Ache

Formed from the ashes of Alpinist – one of the best bands of German hardcore – comes the heirs to the throne, Jungbluth. Named after the communist/antifascist World War II resistance fighter Karl Jungbluth, they comprise of three former members of their now defunct ancestors; ‘Part Ache‘ is their debut full length, politically branded and shouted mostly in their native tongue with sprinklings of English, the nine songs here pass by with the sort of bluster and heart-on-sleeve you’d expect from a band of such pedigree. Indeed it’s furious, fast and excellent, spanning nine tracks in total which isn’t as short as you’d think, and throughout its worthy and righteous. Tracks such as ‘Wakefield’ and ‘No One But Myself’ truly batter at the door, while ‘These Rare Moments’ displays a reflective moment halfway through before cantering ahead. An excellent record all round, combining melodic and chaotic hardcore sensibilities to create an unquestionably vital addition to your record collection.

Part Ache‘ is out now on Vendetta Records in Europe (Halo of Flies in the US), and is available as a name-your-price download.

Peter Clegg

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‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 update – more bands, early bird tickets + more

+ We Must Obey officially supporting ‘Kin Hell Fest 2014!


We are very happy to confirm that once again, ‘Kin Hell Fest have added We Must Obey as one of its official supporters/promoters of its festival, after our coverage of the 2013 edition. We’re absolutely honoured, thrilled and suitably stoked to be part of the alumni, as the fest is set to be even bigger than ever before.

A lot has happened though considering our coverage dropped somewhat because of my running/fundraising exploits and generally a lack of access and family issues to contend with that has really got in the way. ‘Kin Hell Fest have indeed added more in the way of details since then and as such, I’ve constructed this mega-post to get you all up to speed with what’s going on.

What we know so far:

The latest additions

Some stonking bands were added to the line-up very recently, including perhaps the biggest name to be drawn to the fest so far, in the name of Birmingham’s harshest extreme metallers Anaal Nathrakh. Also added are Rot in Hell, hardcore merchants featuring members of UK scene legends Voorhees, as well as Dutch groovy grind/powerviolence freaks Jesus Crost, Falmouth doom duo Monolithian, brutal German slammers Pighead, and Derby’s twisted-punk psychos Ephemeral Foetus

We also got a self-confirm for the first time in the fest’s history, as Leeds post-rock duo Khuda, who split last year, confirmed their appearance at the fest in a one-off reunion set!

Just a couple of days ago, the festival organisers outdid themselves again, with the announcement of five more bands, including Swedish comedy grindnuts Birdflesh, playing their first UK show, a one-off exclusive, since 2006, and Leeds riff lords Hawk Eyes. Both play the fest for the first time and diversify the line-up further than ever before. Also making their first appearances are London’s old-school progressive heavy metallers Amulet, and UK-based crossover thrashers Noise Complaint, comprising members from the USA, Brazil and Italy. Finally, returning for seconds this year are one of 2013’s most impressive acts, Preston grinders The Day Man Lost. Man, they crushed the fest on the Sunday this year and by George, its great to have them back.


A pre-show will take place on Friday April 26th, 2014 to serve as a preamble to festivities. This show will take place at Eiger Studios in Leeds, with a line-up to be announced.

The main festival itself will take place on the weekend of Friday May 2nd to Sunday May 4th, 2014, at the Vox venue in Leeds.


27 bands have been announced so far:

Anaal Nathrakh; Wodensthrone; Birdflesh; Hawk Eyes; Deviated Instinct; Ingested; Khuda; Conquest of Steel; Crepitation; Evisorax; Pighead; Necro Deathmort; Jesus Crost; Acrania; Haar; XisforEyes; Amulet; Gets Worse; Noise Complaint;  Iniquitous Savagery; Monolithian; The Day Man Lost; Rot In Hell; Wizard’s Beard; Ephemeral Foetus; Famine; Death Tripper

12 more bands still to be announced, plus the pre-show line-up which is set to be an all-dayer, with announcement of 11 bands for that show at the beginning of 2014, bringing the total up to 50 bands!


Early bird tickets for  the fest are now on sale at a modest £49 for at least 39 bands. But be quick – they’re limited to 200 and likely to go quickly! Head here to get yours. More tickets will go on sale at a later date, for both the main festival and the pre-show. The fest are also exploring camping and travel options. Keep your eyes and ears on those if you live many miles away from Leeds.


The revamped ‘Kin Hell Fest website is now up and running for 2014. Bigger and better than before, go check it out for the latest news, tickets, band profiles and forum discussion.

You can also keep up to date with the festival and all incoming news on Facebook, and now on Twitter as well.

Phew, that was exhausting. But rest assured, we aim to pick ourselves back up and support this festival loud and proud, heading into 2014 and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates!

Peter Clegg

Coilguns/NVRVD – Coilguns/NVRVD


Savour Your Scene

Since emerging with the blistering and bludgeoning ‘Stadia Rods’ earlier in the year, Coilguns have begun to make quite the name for themselves, gaining some deserved plaudits for their monstrous sludgey d-beat/metalcore assault that has seen them rise above being known as just another Ocean side-project to the uninformed. This latest release is a nice stop-gap to keep things ticking until the band’s debut full-length is released next year. They seem to excel most when pushing the lengths of their songs – it allows a progressive nature to their vicious metalcore attack and the opening ‘Mandarin Hornet’ is proof perfect of that, turning into a snarling hive a few minutes in with bludgeoning guitars and some riproaring roars from vocalist Louis. The other half of the split is presented by Never Void, more commonly known as NVRVD, a German trio who play what seems to be a mix of Converge-esque hardcore and now traditional European melodeath. It doesn’t come off as spectacular as their splitmates but its still effective, pounding along in efficient fashion.

Two more live tracks per band are added beyond studio recordings, with Coilguns sounding particularly fierce on ‘Parkensine’ (originally from ‘Stadia Rods‘). It fleshes out a sufficient package; not the best split you’ll hear but a statement of what both bands are all about, ahead of expected further exposure next year. As least, as far as I expect, cos both these bands are set to explode.

Coilguns/NVRVD‘ is also available through Dead Dead Dead Records, Hummus Records and Invektiv Records.

Peter Clegg

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Coilguns Bandcamp

NVRVD official site/shop

Earthship – Iron Chest


Iron Chest

Those guys from The Ocean are awfully busy, seemingly going through a myriad of bands and not letting up whichever side of the production desk they’re on. Though no longer featuring The Ocean’s Robin Staps on rhythm guitar, Earthship still make a heavy racket as a three-piece, doing so for the first time on ‘Iron Chest’, the follow-up to 2011’s keenly received ‘Exit Eden’. Former The Ocean drummer Jan Oberg, handling guitar and vocals, again leads his charges, the line-up now completed again with Dennis Boettcher, and Jan’s wife, Sabine, on bass.

Iron Chest’ plunders three punchy tracks possessing plenty of bounce and melodicism, before the post-sludge of ‘Boundless Void’ turns up, eventually erupting after a submerging into a gloomy riff, plowing back with another crunching riff to reinject the aggression into their sound. Aside from that track and ‘Shattered’, ‘Iron Chest’ follows a fairly safe pattern that won’t thrill too many hoping for them to dip their feet in the water a bit. That said, Earthship know how to crank out some whiplash-inducing riffs (‘Silver Decay’, the title track in particular)

Earthship – Athena

Earthship’s sound is recommended for fans of Iron Monkey among other acts – I didn’t initially see the resemblance but their tendency to rock out while they attack is akin to the Geordie legends, though nowhere near as vicious. Though not as prominent as before, the progressive and occasional technical flair do glimmer through the largely straight ahead approach. ‘Iron Chest’ isn’t the most spectacular album you’ll hear a, but it’s a quality romp through ten tracks of modern day headbanging sludge metal retaining its own identity (as opposed to the NOLA-inspired sound that so many converge upon). Sludge can so often be all about misery and woe – Earthship’s message is far more exploratory, seemingly based on the nautical – a different approach certainly, but a more refreshing one for that.

That alone ought to boost the Germans’ profile a little more – by now they really ought to be better known than just another Ocean side-project. Its too early to tell whether time will change that, but ‘Iron Chest’ is perfect for letting off some steam and a welcome, if not necessarily upwards, return from the trio.

Peter Clegg

Iron Chest’ is released on Monday October 15th. Pre-order it here

Official site