Iron Reagan – Spoiled Identity EP


Iron Reagan
Spoiled Identity EP
Magic Bullet

Given away as a free flexi-disc vinyl with Decibel magazine, but available as a free download for anyone and everyone, this release sees the band at their fastest and indeed briefest that they’ve ever been. This is fastcore done fast, crossover with brevity, but losing none of its hardcore punk sneer or attitude. Not even Municipal Waste, the main concern of IR members Tony Foresta and Ryan Waste, pursued speed like this at such relentlessness. Only the title track exceeds a minute, with song length cast aside for micro thrash diatribes like ‘Your Kids an Asshole’, ‘Cops Don’t Like Me, I Don’t Like Cops’, and more. Really you can’t pick out a stand out track on a release like this, as it just bounces from one song to the next and the name of the game is to keep up. Just download it and enjoy what you’re hearing. Rarely does anyone do crossover this right these days.

Peter Clegg

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‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 – First 10 bands announced!

‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 was a roaring success and despite some of the financial issues arising from it in the end, these have now been cleared up and the fest is ready to go for its third edition, bigger and better than ever! ‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 will take place over the weekend of Friday May 02-Sunday May 04, with an additional pre-fest show taking place on Saturday April 26. A new venue has been confirmed, with the pre-show taking place at Eiger Studios in Leeds, and the full weekender at Vox in Leeds, promising 1400 indoor capacity, with the usual “food, booze, merch and carnage!” 

Over the past weekend, the first ten bands for the fest were confirmed. Let’s take a look shall we?


Once again, ‘Kin Hell Fest delivers, with some incredible names announced. Returning to KHF after delivering savage sets in 2011 are death-slammers Ingested and noisy sludge riffers Wizard’s Beard. Eight bands are announced for their first appearance at KHF, most notably acclaimed UKBM crew Wodensthrone, explosive grinders Evisorax, and seasoned death-slam crawlers Crepitation, while newer names also round off a stunning announcement – London industrial dirge duo Necro Deathmort, the pair of Leeds powerviolence dudes Gets Worse and fastcore/grind up and comers Famine, proggy Edinburgh black metallers Haar, and North-East black/deathcore quintet XisForEyes.

Tickets are not yet on sale, but its possible that early bird deals will appear towards the end of next month. Make no mistake, this is just the beginning of what will be yet another incredible line-up. 25 more bands are to be announced, including the headliners, as this incredible festival continues to grow.

Don’t forget, you can help the festival by purchasing the 83-song compilation, released shortly after the festival took place this year. Head over to, where you can get yourself all kinds of noisy goodness – and put a little bit more in the festival kitty.

Stay tuned for more updates as and when they come!

Peter Clegg

Death Tripper/Meatpacker – Split 7″


Death Tripper/Meatpacker
Death Tripper/Meatpacker 7″
Pie n’ Mosh

The New Year usually means a malaise for top major new releases, and that means a chance to focus more on underground releases. In years gone by January is not synonymous with high end quality, and those that do get high praise often get forgotten about when the big boys come out. With Bandcamp, Spotify and the like, indie acts are getting a better shout, so its to be hoped that the forgetfulness of some won’t afflict the two bands featured here.

Though Death Tripper only get three songs here, perhaps a tad misskewed in their split partner’s favour, but only because they have the longer songs. They don’t half make it worth their time, slamming through three songs like Weekend Nachos’ distant cousins. Meanwhile Meatpacker deserve credit for creating a potential new legion of bastard Lemmings in their song titles, but personal japery aside, they sound just as great, stabbing forth with grindy PV jams that are a he’ll of a lot of fun to dance to in your bedroom or in the pit.

It’s available for £3 from the Pie n’ Mosh Records Bandcamp site, a fair sum for an excellent release, and so early on in the year too.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Death Tripper/Meatpacker 7″‘ here.
Both bands also additionallyoffer name-your-price MP3 only via their respective Bandcamp pages

Stream it below:

Death Tripper Bandcamp

Meatpacker Bandcamp