Evile – Skull



So as ever with thrash, Evile arrive at album number four perhaps slightly aware that retreading their now familiar thrash patterns might see them labelled as stale, uninnovative, rehashing, etc, like some of their compadres have fallen prey to. Still, they’ve played a smart game to emerge from the streets of Huddersfield to the head of the new thrash pack. But here on ‘Skull‘, while still following their original template, Evile seems to have arrived at a fork in the road – the longer, progressive hilt or the shorter, slightly groovier strut. Seemingly stuck in the middle, the beast has grown another head it seems to cope with this conundrum and thus makes for the most interesting Evile album to date.

On the one hand, Evile seems to be extending their hand to more complex regions, with select songs here displaying the band’s ever-growing maturity. ‘Underworld’ is a straight-up head down thrasher, but the title-track that follows rips through several different riffs, grooves, beats and solos over its course. ‘Tomb’ is perhaps the album’s highlight – yes, it’s a ballad of sorts, but it’s a very well-executed one, building up to a beautiful solo from Ol Drake, whose own status as a shred lord seems to be growing by the minute and here its very easy to see why. On the other hand, the Huddersfield crew are getting accustomed to slower, punchier numbers too. This follows a pattern that greats like Metallica, Slayer, and Sepultura set – thrashing hard for their first few releases before ushering in a more methodical approach. ‘Head of the Demon’ doesn’t feel like anything particularly special, but elsewhere the band get this new-found approach right – ‘What You’ve Become’ is a bit of a headturner, a simple riff and catchy lyrics – tell me you’re not singing ‘Close your eyes/surrender…’ within minutes of hearing this song.

Now that Evile have achieved the trick of making four largely excellent albums, the task now is not to fall into the same trap many of their peers have fallen into. There’s no problem with changing tack a little, as nobody likes to become staid. But that pattern I discussed a little earlier can be as poisonous as it is fortuitous. Let them be learned of the lessons of the past. I’m confident of this and while I’m still on the fence as to exactly where I rank this album amongst Evile’s discography to date, it’s a well worthy addition to anyone’s library and easily the most diverse and accessible offering yet.

Peter Clegg

Evile – Tomb

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Come on people – ‘Slide One Out for Kingsgate!’

The next phase in our campaign to stop the Kingsgate Shopping Expansion in Huddersfield is a side-running Campaign to Erect Kingsgate Water Slide Park!


Yes, Kingsgate Phase 2 might well be on its knees for now because of Kirklees Council’s planning approval of the redevelopment of the iconic Palace Theatre in Huddersfield, which should ensure that Kingsgate owners W D Huddersfield can never build through it and thus not take out The Parish, the town’s premier alternative music venue, with it. Hopefully, that runs for several other properties in the surrounding area too, because who knows if Kingsgate 2 is gone for good?

While we wait for the next move from Peter Everest and co., we should inform you of a side-running campaign that perhaps originally began purely as spoof, through the form of two local news reports detailing plans to turn Kingsgate into Huddersfield’s premier venue for slip n’ slide action…

Look North – Huddersfield Kingsgate Water Park Development – 23.03.12

Look North – Kingsgate Swimming vs Shopping – 13.04.12

Thanks to those reports the campaign has even had backing from Kirklees Council’s Green Party Councillor for Newsome, Andrew Cooper. Now, the campaign has taken a new turn with the release of a campaign song.

‘Slide One Out for Kingsgate’ is a song dedicated to the dream of erecting a water slide park at Kingsgate Shopping Centre, in the hope that we can get this approved instead of more bland high street shops. The song is sung by local pop superstar Bona, featuring producer extraordinaire Hercalees Kelk and a triumphant solo from none other than Evile’s very own guitar king, Ol Drake!

The song is streaming below people, and now, more than ever, we need you to spread the word of this noble cause. It’ll bring a touch of diversity that Huddersfield’s town centre sorely needs, but more importantly, it’s a water slide park. So hit that play button below, and spread the word. Cos all we wanna do is slide! (Slide, slide, slide, slide…)

Peter Clegg

Bona feat. H. Kelk – Slide One Out for Kingsgate