Doom – Corrupt Fucking System


Corrupt Fucking System
Black Cloud

Long-time agitators of the political and religious elite, UK crust-punk legends Doom celebrated their 25th anniversary last year, having regrouped for their third stint together as a band in 2010. Showing no sign of either slowing down or losing any of their ire, the band have surprised (pleasantly or horridly, depending on your viewpoint) everyone by releasing their eighth studio album towards the tail end of 2013. Uncompromisingly labelled ‘Corrupt Fucking System’, it sees the line-up of Bri Doom (guitar) Denis (vocals), Stick (drums) and Scoot (bass) together to unleash fourteen tracks of ripping crust that rankle and rile the higher classes, the power abusers and hypocrisy in all its forms.
Having not recorded a full length since 2001’s ‘World of Shit’, in which time since their lead singer Wayne Southworth died from an epileptic seizure, its great to see that despite aging a bit, and dabbling in all manner of various projects fast or slow, Doom are still flailing and rallying against the system as much as they did in the 80’s and 90’s. The Vatican and religion in general get a big rocket sent their way on the two part opening ‘Stripped, Whipped and Crucified’ and the spoken word diatribe of ‘Prey For Their Souls’. Then there’s the highly charged and barbed ‘Yes, They Still Test on Dogs’ and ‘Eat, Shit and Buy’, the latter of which features the best use of a Wonga advert I’ve ever heard; the Greek Nazi baiting ‘Final Hour (Golden Shower)’, and going right through to the closing ‘Cults of Human Sacrifice’, to which the band throw down a thunderous, ominous beat out one more time behind the sound of Sam Harris from ‘The God Debate II: Harris vs Craig‘. The noise is a terrifying sound in the context of music and one which will make you sit up and take note.

Clearly nothing much has changed since they formed, the band still pissed at our government, religion, racists, and capitalist scum, and the quality of the output hasn’t changed. Bri Doom does a fantastic job producing this album – it sounds perfectly mixed for 21st century Doom, whether addressing Thatcherites, fascists, consumerism, or the whole system, Put simply, it’s a coup d’etat from the legends of the scene, coming from seemingly nowhere to assume the crown they never really lost, from the scores of bands they’ve influenced, and without question displaying the anger and insurrection that few other bands possess.

Peter Clegg

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