‘Kin Hell Fest set to unleash the ‘Yorkshire Riffer’!


This Saturday marks the beginning of the now yearly festivities that bring forth some of the finest in heavy (and often extreme) music in all its forth, ‘Kin Hell Fest. And this year, they’re marking it with one almighty all dayer that has become known as the ‘Yorkshire Riffer’.

The line-up is a corking one, bringing together some of the local and national highlights of underground UK music, but also for the coup of headlining doom titans Eagle Twin! The duo, who released the phenomenal ‘The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale’ in 2012 will arrive to lay down their punishing treacle grooves and thunderously heavy riffs to close out proceedings prior to the main fest kicking off the week after.

Not to overlook every band involved (and let’s face it, you’re going to get bang for your buck all damn day), here are five other good reasons why you should head down to Eiger Studios this Saturday:

The Afternoon Gentlemen


The self-proclaimed boozejooglers are already known for being one of the UK’s tightest grindy/powerviolence bands and the kings of ‘poggerviolence’ are intent on solidifying that reputation. Just last week, they brought forth a ripping new track, ‘Grind in the Mind’. Whether they’re going fast or slow, TAG will captivate with precision within anarchy, however boozed up they are by gig time.

Foetal Juice


They’re so offensively puntastic, even Dee Snider seems to like them! Despite upping the punnage to the max, FJ, led by their wild frontman Sam Read, are one of the best death metal bands stomping this country at the moment. Every track of theirs doesn’t muck around – they go straight for the jugular and as evidenced at KHF 2013, nobody stands still for these guys. Expect a wild time in the pit as FJ deliver party vibes and slamming pits.



The band that brought us the Amy Winehouse-baiting ‘Back to Crack’ (just before she died) are one of the UK’s best proponents in deliverance of proper good death metal. Their debut album ‘Torment of the Weak’ was released last year and the band have supported more established bands such as Cerebral Bore and Blood Red Throne. It should only be a matter of time before they gain wider exposure, so don’t miss what is set to be a furious set from the Scots.



The Liverpudlian black metallers were one of the opening acts at the inaugural KHF fest in November 2011, and they’ve been going from strength to strength since, tightening their sound and ensconcing their claim to be the blackest sound on the banks of the Mersey. Their limited release ‘The Essential Salts of Human Dust’ has got metal zines raving about them, and with an album supposedly ready and waiting to go, this is set to be a primal experience like no other.



Local lot Cattle are for me, the most intriguing band in the line-up. Eschewing the need for guitarists and instead employing two bassists and two drummers, they play an interesting brand of noise-rock which puts the bass as its forefront instrument, making sure every groove and nuance can be heard, while the drummers keep it together to ensure the whole rhythm section drives with power. Their debut EP was reviewed by us earlier this year (still streaming) and we still champion it now – their appearance will provide something not just a little different, but something worth your full attention.

The line-up also features veteran subjugators Palehorse, sludge rockers BongCauldron, grind nuttiness from No Fucks Given and Rectal Implosion, plus heavy doomers Gods of Hellfire, local metallers Bludger and blackened death crew Sathamel. Yorkshire Riffer is also licensed until 5am the following morning, so the fun doesn’t stop at doom o’clock! And the best bit about it all is, even when it’s finished, we get to do it all again next weekend!

Peter Clegg