‘Remember Bane’ – ‘November Rain’ parodied, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’-style

All I can say is, whether or not you’re a Batman fan, or a Guns n’ Roses fan, and regardless of whether you’ve yet seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, this brilliant parody of GnR’s ‘November Rain’ tackles the perceived inaudibility of villain Bane’s speech in the new film, and muses on whether director Christopher Nolan could have chosen a villain a little more memorable. Whatever. Admittedly, I’m one of the very few left not to have seen Nolan’s take on Batman – hey, my time is taken up by so many things – and while it’s very much on my ‘to do’ list, it doesn’t prevent my enjoyment of this. Fantastic stuff, Overthinkingit.com!

(via MetalSucks)

Peter Clegg