We Must Obey is now three!

Yes, you read that right. Holy fuckballs. Yes, despite much limping about and shuffling towards inexorable doom – much like the world it seems – We Must Obey has made it, just about, to the ripe old blog age of three.

Regular visitors over the last year or so will have seen occasional high points in our coverage, such as when we got a Q&A with Ginger Wildheart, provided our in-depth, if slightly tardy, coverage of ‘Kin Hell Fest, and our recognition of printed media as Iron Fist, a magazine as true to metal as any other, launched last year. Then gradually we became less active as a blog, as I personally became more active as a person. In the last couple of weeks, largely thanks to the sporadic flow of activity spurring from ‘Kin Hell Fest and it’s aftermath, it’s fair to say that for now the fire is alive. Should my priorities continue to be taken up with other things as they so often are, then I can’t say for certain if we’ll make it to four years. I love rock, metal and all its offspring, but continuing as a one man operation with no sign of any further help coming in from the inside, it’s harder to find the same love for doing this blog as I did when I first started, inspired by the likes of Cosmo Lee and Invisible Oranges, and Andrew Childers of Grind and Punishment. I’m inundated with review requests these days and I try so hard to listen to everyone, but it’s hard to keep up. And there’s many I don’t even review despite having enjoyed their craft.

But I assure you, I don’t want to end it here, and if I, or indeed if anyone, can help me find that spark to make this more than just a passing concern for me again, you’re more than welcome to join this ship and we’ll steer it back on course.

I must continue to thank the usual suspects – Lauren at Rarely Unable, Grim Kim Kelly at Catharsis, Chris & Witch Hunter, Jona & Pelagic Records, and anyone whose been in touch to supply me/us with content. I do try my hardest to keep up and I’m often overwhelmed, but these people, among others, are part of the reason that metal and the flora and fauna that surrounds it remains intriguing and exciting. And thanks of course to Paul Priest and ‘kin Hell Fest, for supporting this blog in equal if not bigger fashion to us. Paul didn’t just spread the word but he pushed a good few new followers our way. If only we and many others could have done more for their festival. Most of all though, I must thank all the bands and artists who continue to innovate and create, that keep the metal flame alive and keep it exciting. Even as I approach 30 years of age, this isn’t anything that has its power over me like metal, that ability to retain an iron grip over me and leave me wondrous as to what I’ve just heard. And of course, I must not forget those who stop by to read these posts and gives a shit about my opinion. Indeed I’m forthright enough to heartily recommend amazing new bands to you, and if you’re enjoying listening to them as I do write about them, then you’re just as important part of the cycle.

Despite some of the gloom passed here, am I happy to reach this milestone? Why of course I am. I created this thing
after drafting my own skills for a year or so before deciding to have a crack at it. It hasn’t grown much, but neither do all the best Pokémon. And will I make it through a fourth year? I’m really not sure. But I’m not going to let it sink without trace either, and keeping the mystery alive is better than letting the magic die. If there is such a thing as magic here.

And for the record, I’m not giving out any cake. Luckily, you can make it yourself. And as we share our blog birthday with the one and only Metal Cakes, you actually can! Metal Cakes is six years strong today and there’s a new Entombed-themed cupcake for you to have a bash at! Go on. What’s more metal than cake, eh?

I’m digressing now. I think we’ll leave it there. Cheers everyone!

We Must Obey wants YOU!


For the last two going on three years, We Must Obey has proudly been a two man operation, though I’ve done the lions share of work, and with a tough 2013 out of the way, I’ve considered my options for 2014. I’ve really been struggling to keep up with things and on more than one occasion have been close to jacking the blog in all together. But I keep flipflopping and like any creator and his monster, I’d like to keep this blog alive. The way to do that though means that things must change, and with that, it means I must allow some light to come in, because in all fairness, I can’t push this thing much further without a little bit of help from the outside. So for the first time ever, I’m opening up our proverbial doors. To you.

Would you like to contribute to We Must Obey? I’m looking for one or two additional people on a voluntary, whenever you can basis. Covering all of rock and metal’s subgenres (punk, hardcore, sludge, doom, thrash, death, black, grind, prog, powerviolence, etc.) through mainly reviews, as well as live shows, features, covering UK underground scene as well as some international bands and higher profile bands too. We have previously covered events like ‘Kin Hell Fest and interviewed Black Breath and Ginger Wildheart in the past and if we could get more of those, however well known the interviewee, then we’d be onto a winner. We also get guestlist invites for select shows.

Our scope is broad with no general boundary as long as its relevant to the target audience and, most importantly, whatever you’re into. Ideally we’d like more coverage of the UK scene, but I will not turn down anyone who is interested, regardless of where they are in the world – we are looking to increasing our audience through a greater range of content. And if you specialise in any one or number of subgenres then that’s no problem either.

Contributions would be in your free time and no deadlines aside from trying to get reviews and features out as close to relevant release/show date as possible. Would be strictly voluntary – I run the blog on internet allowance only and all features are made possible by PR releases, band/label submissions, and checking out albums via streams or downloads when they are released. I’m not expecting work horses – I currently contribute probably 97-98% of my own content to the blog and it’s increasingly difficult with my current lifestyle interests to keep up with stuff, so even just sending me the odd review or feature article would be great just to keep things ticking over. I would retain editorial control.

Anyone interested, please leave a comment below or e-mail us. We’ll also be using Facebook and Twitter to push this message until we get the right people in.

If you have experience, please link me to your handiwork, if not, no worries – take a look at the rest of the work here. There’s well over two years worth to pore over.

Thanks for reading. I really hope that, whoever you are, you’ll be obliging and that you’ll do this for the love of the riff. We Must Obey will live on!

Go follow C.L.D.H!


We’re proud to announce that we’re in league with Manchester-based promotions crew C.L.D.H, who want to share, create, distribute and enjoy the best in heavy music, dark artwork and alternative culture. Their force includes Michael Collins who additionally writes for We Must Obey and leads on vocals/bass for doom trio Wort, as well as Foetal Juice vocalist and all round nice chap Sam Read. Go follow them. Now!

Peter Clegg

We Must Obey – Two years!

Well, we made it. We limped a bit towards this date, but we made it.


Yes, We Must Obey is two years old today! Wow, it feels like a long time ago when we started, but despite remaining a small unit, with an increasing workload thanks to the bands, labels and PR firms that fuel this blog, and

Who to thank? Well I must start with the main people who fuel the fire of this blog. These people being Lauren Barley at Rarely Unable, Kim Kelly at Catharsis PR, Chris at Witch Hunter Records, all of whom are among those who continue to furnish us with the latest output and generally show us the love. Paul Priest and Raw Nerve Zine who really went as all out as we did in support of our promotion of ‘kin Hell Fest and hopefully this is an event and indeed a scene you’ll hear a lot more of. Cheers again to Chris Fane for finally providing us with a logo – if only WordPress had a theme as evil and as accommodating of them as possible for us to display them in their full glory. That’s something to continue to work on. Thank you as well to all the bands and label heads who continue to send things my way. I’m sorry if I can’t remember you all by name but you’re too numerous to mention, and you will at some point have seen your name appear here. And if you’re still among those waiting for a review of your submission to appear, I do apologise. The last month or so in particular has been mental, to say the least, and we do aim to catch up. Thanks for not badgering me.

I must also thank Michael Collins for his continued, if fleeting, correspondence for We Must Obey. He’s been here from the start and continues to be most interesting and entertaining in his views, all while continuing to front his current doom band Wort (shameless plug) and while being a part of the Manchester-based promotions crew CLDH, whom you all keep an eye on too.

And of course, anyone who follows our site, be it through Facebook, Twitter, or you dedicated souls on WordPress who continue to pick up our feed on the Reader. Keep putting the word out there folks,

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I do apologise and I assure you that whoever you are, you’ve been a part of this awesome experience and though its getting more and more stressful trying to keep up to date with this in the wake of family matters, new personal interests, my day job and various other things, I will press on with continuing to highlight the very best –and occasionally the worst – our beloved underground scene, from the UK shores to all over the world. And occasionally, we’ll debate, approve, upset, and maybe even surprise.

Peter Clegg


Hi everyone

Me and my family were struck by a virus that has picked us off one by one, finally culminating in getting me yesterday. So I’ve not been tending to the blog as you can probably understand, a shame cos I had the latest ‘Kin Hell Fest annoucement and a Halloween Grimoire of videos to publish – continuing from last year’s Grimoire which I enjoyed very much. Rest assured we’ll be back up and running when I’m well again. Until then, hay te haucho!

Peter Clegg

We Must Obey is one year old!

Holy crap. Little did I know when I started this little blog on May 23rd, 2011, that it would be where it is today. Little did I realise I would have a nice little thing going on, with people from around the world viewing this little site and actually giving a crap about what I, and occasionally Michael, have to say, on subjects as diverse as rock, metal, live music, videos, popular topical culture, idiotic journalists, cake, beer, local issues, etc.
It goes without saying I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has supported the site is anyway since its inception. The labels, the PR firms, the bands, the gig venues. And you, the readers, the fans. And anyone I forgot.
We’re still a small operation and I, in particular, am hampered by woefully falling behind most modern technology and instead am really running this show on a shoestring. Limited access to internet, a laptop that barely works, and a reliance on listening to albums on the commute. If I were forced to continue down that path, I’d still be as happy as the day I started – listening to heavy music is my force majeure, and discovering new bands is my musical caffeine, and forever will be.
At this stage I ought to give a special shout out to Lauren Barley at Rarely Unable, who has done a fantastic job filling me in and keeping me informed on a lot of wonderful heavy music and some weird and wonderful stuff too that has truly broadened my mind. Not least of all for getting me in touch with a world I was previously not used to. A special shout out also goes for Chris at Witch Hunter too, Paul Priest, and any bands and indeed anyone who has e-mailed my inbox in the knowledge of having little or no chance of a reply. And certainly not least, cheers Mike for chipping in with your wonderfully-worded reviews and live pieces. That Five Finger Death Punch rant always makes me chortle.
My lack of resources and indeed the roving eye of copyright means none of you won’t be getting a mixtape out of me, or a sneaky free download or anything like that. However, I decided to give the site a lick of paint, which I sincerely hope you appreciate, and in addition, I’m going to provide you with a video I’m pretty sure is harder to come by than an issue of Kerrang that doesn’t feature the Black Veil Brides these days. This is the Combat Tour 1985, dubbed The Ultimate Revenge, featuring Exodus, Slayer and Venom in their prime. I was only a nipper when this tour took place. The only reason I wish I was about 20 years older. Three kick ass bands, all metal, all raging. Enjoy.
I’m going to mutedly celebrate privately at home tonight with my family and anyone else who happens to be there. With beer. And maybe cake. I deserve it, cos I work my backside off for this blog, and I will as long as it’s humanly possible.
Peter Clegg