Visions: The Bendal Interlude – Odourama (NSFW)

Liverpool hasn’t been short on top quality bands of late, with acts like SSS, Voorhees, Lifeless, Iron Witch and The Bendal Interlude all coming up with the goods over the year. All of them know how to play nasty too when required, and the chaps in The Bendal Interlude have certainly delivered a video nasty here in the form of ‘Odourama’, taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name. The video itself has a real 90’s feel to it – maybe it’s the way it’s shot that does it for me – and its mired in a mixture of jiggery pokery and sickening sights. Crafted from the twisted genius that is Tom Lee Rutter at Carnie Film Productions, prepare to be disgusted and abhorred at the sights you’re about to see – while grooving out to a thoroughly righteous, heavy stoner metal jam. And yes, that is an NSFW label I’m using. It’s not the most shocking, just proper graphic. If you like that sort of thing. Which you obviously do. After the jump.
Peter Clegg
The Bendal Interlude – Odourama