‘Kin Hell Fest 2014: The ‘kin Gallery

As promised, please find below a selection of images captured at last weekend’s ‘Kin Hell Fest at Vox/Eiger Studios in Leeds. We weren’t there for every band as you know, but we did catch numerous bands over the Friday and Saturday. They’re not the highest quality but hopefully they capture the awesomeness of this weekend. Just like the fest itself, our approach was very DIY – no fancy lens or expensive kit, just a standard digital camera with a dying battery, and a mobile phone trying to do the job of a professional. Tsk. Anyhoo, enjoy!


‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 – Napalm Death announced as headliners!

+ Pentagram (Chile), Lock-Up and more announced; day splits confirmed!


In what is undoubtedly one of the biggest coups for the festival since its inception in 2011, ‘KHF have confirmed a triple signing of epic proportions! The biggest news is that Birmingham’s legendary and defining grindcore act, Napalm Death, will be headlining the first night of the festival on Friday May 2nd in what will surely be a performance not to be missed! And in a further scoop, the festival has also confirmed the presence of one of the pioneers of extreme metal, Pentagram Chile! Resurging following the release of ‘The Malefice’, their debut album which was twenty-eight years in the making, they will also be taking the stage on the Friday night in what is likely to be a rare, if not a one-off, opportunity to see one of the trailblazers for extreme metal as it was to become.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was confirmed late this past Friday night that the festival had also signed deathgrind supergroup Lock Up to perform alongside those two bands on the Friday night. Furthermore, all three of those bands have been confirmed as UK festival exclusives. What an explosive night of extreme metal that promises to be.

Another three bands have also been announced, including the return of one man tech-death machine Regurgitate Life, blackened crust/d-beat Mancunians Esoteric Youth and rising brutal death metallers Unfathomable Ruination. They join a line up that also includes headliners Anaal Nathrakh, Swedish grind freaks Birdflesh (UK exclusive), US death metallers Malignancy, Wodensthrone, Desecration, Hawk Eyes, Khuda, Deviated Instinct and many, many more.

It’s not all good news – two of the fest’s heavy hitters, Liverpudlian doomers Conan and German pounders Pighead have both had to pull out for various reasons. The festival however, is looking as splendid as ever, with its biggest hitting line-up in history. One more headliner is still to be announced with a further four bands to be announced very soon.

With the festival approaching in 3 1/2 months, the organisers have now confirmed the day splits for this year’s festivities. These are as follows:

Friday (1400-0100 hrs): NAPALM DEATH, Lock Up, Pentagram Chile, band tba, band tba, Ingested, Evisorax, Haar, Iniquitous Savagery, Necro Deathmort, band TBA, Ephemeral Foetus, Death Tripper

Saturday (1230-0100 hrs): ANAAL NATHRAKH, Birdflesh, Hawk Eyes, Khuda, Deviated Instinct, Jesus Crost, band TBA, Acrania, Monolithian, Amulet, Noise Complaint, Gets Worse, Wizard’s Beard, Famine, Esoteric Youth, The Day Man Lost

Sunday (1230-2300 hrs): Headliner TBA; Desecration, Wodensthrone, Malignancy, Crepitation, Holocausto Canibal, Conquest of Steel, Unfathomable Ruination, Basement Torture Killings, Palm Reader, Regurgitate Life, Rot In Hell, Shields


In further news, the line-up for the ‘KHF pre-show is now complete, with an equally awesome line-up comprising of KHF faves of old and further fresh meat serving up the party. Past festival acts The Afternoon Gentlemen, Palehorse and Foetal Juice currently sub-headline an incredible prelude to the main festival, now renamed the ‘Yorkshire Riffer‘, which also includes Bongcauldron, Scordatura, Gods of Hellfire, Ninkharsag, Black Skies Burn, Bludger, Rectal Implosion, No Fucks Given, Sathanel, and Cattle. They’ve just to confirm the headliner for this event, which will surely be a stonker if these latest announcements are anything to go by.

Tickets are still available for both the main festival, taking place on the weekend of Friday May 2nd-Sunday May 4th, and the pre-show, happening the week before on Saturday April 26th. They can be obtained via the official ‘Kin Hell Fest site. And for all the latest announcements, news, updates, and other jollies, head over to the official ‘Kin Hell Fest Facebook page, and also here, via their Twitter feed.

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest announces five more bands + early bird tickets still selling!


The ever rising juggernaut of extremity that is ‘Kin Hell Fest went and announced another five crushing bands to the line-up recently, and it was a corker. The biggest news is the confirmation of two of the UK’s finest acts, at polar ends of their careers and indeed for speed. Welsh death metal legends Desecration will be hitting Leeds to flay and slay the audience. As will rising Liverpudlian merchants of doom Conan; widely appraised by new and old fans alike, they will surely be one of the highlights of the weekend’s activities. Also appearing will be Portugal’s seasoned goregrind maniacs Holocausto Canibal, London snuffers Basement Torture Killings, and New Surrey based metallic hardcore crew Palm Reader.

They join a heap of awesome bands in what is set to be the nastiest, heaviest ‘Kin Hell Fest yet. There’s still more bands to be announced including two headliners to go alongside the already confirmed big name draw of Anaal Nathrakh.

Meanwhile early bird tickets are still on sale until the end of November, priced at £49 for all the above bands and more to be confirmed over three days, plus merch stalls, food & drink.

For early bird tickets and more information, head to the official ‘Kin Hell Fest website and hit them up on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and updates and other wholesome meaty chunks!

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 update – more bands, early bird tickets + more

+ We Must Obey officially supporting ‘Kin Hell Fest 2014!


We are very happy to confirm that once again, ‘Kin Hell Fest have added We Must Obey as one of its official supporters/promoters of its festival, after our coverage of the 2013 edition. We’re absolutely honoured, thrilled and suitably stoked to be part of the alumni, as the fest is set to be even bigger than ever before.

A lot has happened though considering our coverage dropped somewhat because of my running/fundraising exploits and generally a lack of access and family issues to contend with that has really got in the way. ‘Kin Hell Fest have indeed added more in the way of details since then and as such, I’ve constructed this mega-post to get you all up to speed with what’s going on.

What we know so far:

The latest additions

Some stonking bands were added to the line-up very recently, including perhaps the biggest name to be drawn to the fest so far, in the name of Birmingham’s harshest extreme metallers Anaal Nathrakh. Also added are Rot in Hell, hardcore merchants featuring members of UK scene legends Voorhees, as well as Dutch groovy grind/powerviolence freaks Jesus Crost, Falmouth doom duo Monolithian, brutal German slammers Pighead, and Derby’s twisted-punk psychos Ephemeral Foetus

We also got a self-confirm for the first time in the fest’s history, as Leeds post-rock duo Khuda, who split last year, confirmed their appearance at the fest in a one-off reunion set!

Just a couple of days ago, the festival organisers outdid themselves again, with the announcement of five more bands, including Swedish comedy grindnuts Birdflesh, playing their first UK show, a one-off exclusive, since 2006, and Leeds riff lords Hawk Eyes. Both play the fest for the first time and diversify the line-up further than ever before. Also making their first appearances are London’s old-school progressive heavy metallers Amulet, and UK-based crossover thrashers Noise Complaint, comprising members from the USA, Brazil and Italy. Finally, returning for seconds this year are one of 2013’s most impressive acts, Preston grinders The Day Man Lost. Man, they crushed the fest on the Sunday this year and by George, its great to have them back.


A pre-show will take place on Friday April 26th, 2014 to serve as a preamble to festivities. This show will take place at Eiger Studios in Leeds, with a line-up to be announced.

The main festival itself will take place on the weekend of Friday May 2nd to Sunday May 4th, 2014, at the Vox venue in Leeds.


27 bands have been announced so far:

Anaal Nathrakh; Wodensthrone; Birdflesh; Hawk Eyes; Deviated Instinct; Ingested; Khuda; Conquest of Steel; Crepitation; Evisorax; Pighead; Necro Deathmort; Jesus Crost; Acrania; Haar; XisforEyes; Amulet; Gets Worse; Noise Complaint;  Iniquitous Savagery; Monolithian; The Day Man Lost; Rot In Hell; Wizard’s Beard; Ephemeral Foetus; Famine; Death Tripper

12 more bands still to be announced, plus the pre-show line-up which is set to be an all-dayer, with announcement of 11 bands for that show at the beginning of 2014, bringing the total up to 50 bands!


Early bird tickets for  the fest are now on sale at a modest £49 for at least 39 bands. But be quick – they’re limited to 200 and likely to go quickly! Head here to get yours. More tickets will go on sale at a later date, for both the main festival and the pre-show. The fest are also exploring camping and travel options. Keep your eyes and ears on those if you live many miles away from Leeds.


The revamped ‘Kin Hell Fest website is now up and running for 2014. Bigger and better than before, go check it out for the latest news, tickets, band profiles and forum discussion.

You can also keep up to date with the festival and all incoming news on Facebook, and now on Twitter as well.

Phew, that was exhausting. But rest assured, we aim to pick ourselves back up and support this festival loud and proud, heading into 2014 and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates!

Peter Clegg

Five more bands for ‘Kin Hell Fest 2014!


Next year’s edition of ‘Kin Hell Fest, the Leeds extreme metal fest taking things over, was already shaping up nicely with the confirmation of ten top bands and the securement of a 1400-capacity venue. But as Professor Brian Cox’s former band once famously sang, things can only get better. And better they did, with the announcement of some of the top names in underground metal, punk and hardcore, past, present and for the future.

Undoubtedly the biggest announcement here is the addition of pioneering crust-punk/death metal veterans Deviated Instinct. DEVIATED INSTINCT! Having reformed in 2007 have a long time apart, they will be in Leeds to rain hell to the crusty legions at hand. Bradford’s true metal warriors Conquest of Steel will also be gracing the festival with their over the top charge of battle anthems and incomparable showmanship.

The fest also confirmed plenty of new blood, with the addition of Nottingham d-beat/hardcore crew Death Tripper – whose split with Meatpacker kicked off 2013 with style, Scottish crushers Iniquitous Savagery, and London death metallers Acrania, in what is already looking like an ultra-brutal line-up set to blow a hole in White Rose country once again.

Tickets are not on sale yet but do expect information soon as to when they’ll be available. Head to ‘Kin Hell Fest’s official Facebook page for info, updates and more!

Peter Clegg

‘kin Hell Fest 2013 Fundraising Compilation


As some of you may be aware, despite the huge success of ‘Kin Hell Fest 2013, it wasn’t without numerous logistical and technical issues which led to the festival being quite a costly one for its promoters. For these reasons the team have been working hard to clear these debts, which up to now has involved selling off personal possessions and outstanding merch orders. But the latest initiative is one that everyone can get on board with and by ‘eck, it’s a corker!

For streaming below, we have for you the ‘kin Hell Fest fundraising compilation, a whopping 82-track album with over five and a half hours of material. Featuring offerings from various bands who performed at the fest, including Gore, Bong, The Day Man Lost, Diascorium, Iron Witch, as well as many more bands from across the UK and internationally as well. It’s yours for a minimum of £4 or anything above that if you’re feeling generous. All funds raised will go towards clearing the debts associated with ‘KHF 2013 and will look towards learning some lessons and creating an even better festival in 2014, and at a different venue too.

Get streaming below and head directly to http://kinhellfest.bandcamp.com/ to purchase the whole thing. And the zip file will be as heavy as the music itself, so make sure you’re in a Wi-Fi zone or something and get a brew on while you wait.

Peter Clegg

‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 – The Review! – Sunday 28th April

Click here for full review of Friday 26th April
Click here for full review of Saturday 27th April

Sunday 28th April


I arrived a little bit late in the day, expecting to miss Envoys and DSDNT, with the sharper changeover times to make sure of that. Shyeah, right! It was a while before the Leeds hardcore crew were ready to go, allowing me plenty time for that flyer to go up and to grab a beer too. Still, when they did get going, the crowd received a pretty good set. There still seems to be a fair few people asleep, and they missed performance of real intensity, with the band’s vocalist allowed to stalk the floor and bellow his lungs out at any given moment while the others duelled out the soundtrack to their downbeat mood.


Even that doesn’t prepare us though for The Day Man Lost, making a comeback with a new lineup. They pull off a set that’s all kinds of amazing, seamlessly shifting from one song to the next with little time to draw breath before the next grind barrage hits. The pit perimeter seems to widen with every song with more and more people wanting to enter the frenzy. This is quite possibly the best set of the weekend, hoovering even the most vaguely interested party into undiluted glee with the constant stab-stab-stab of subjugating sonic violence.


Horsebastard aren’t bad either, albeit experiencing a slightly subdued atmosphere as for some reason all TDML fans disappeared. It’s a rollicking mix of grindy hardcore punk and political awareness, with Chris Reese of Corrupt Moral Altar doing vocal duties here too. Their bassist is fleet of finger and doesn’t relent for the entirety of the set. But having been a guitarist short for the entire set, they do well not submerge in a sea of low-end grooves, making the best of a potentially sticky situation and winding up impressing the pants off many.


Corrupt Moral Altar trucker caps had been sighted frequently since the beginning of ‘Kin Hell Fest, suggesting there was definite buzz about the underground ‘supergroup’, and if there was anything tantamount to hype then CxMxA didn’t let anybody down. It’s a blistering set and blood is even shed in the pit as the chaos gets a little too rowdy.


Wode appeared to suffer from technical glitches early on but still manage to plough out a few of their impressive blackened tunes. But the spark to ignite this particular set is somewhat missing. I get that not every musician wants to be an entertainer but with the vibe given off at this festival it would have been nice for the band to appear to enjoy themselves a little more. As it is, the appreciation shown by the crowd doesn’t seem entirely reciprocal, and the overall feeling is a little flat.


The Sufferinfuck set could have suffered similarly from the opposite perspective, with the earlier hordes of grind rangers not showing up as frequently for the West Lothian powerviolence mob, but any doubts are cast aside from the opening blasts from the back of the room. This is one of most furious sets of the weekend, anf their singer screams himself hoarse, even roaring at one point to the switches on the wall. There’s just enough time at the end for everyone to catch their breath before they close on the cerebral ‘Nature Will Out’, allowing for one brief moment of foreboding malice before they throw the kitchen sink at it again. Bloody terrific.


If the first chunk of the day was largely fast, it’s mid-section was about to hit a sudden bump in the road, and the Scouse whiskey machine Iron Witch were on hand to slow things down. Always a class act as usual, they manage to sneak in a new song or two and still retain a familiar feel about their set, with the new material from ‘Hangover Suicide‘ fitting like a glove. Today’s set felt like they were doom trippin’ more than the last time I saw them, which was back when ‘Single Malt‘ was the flavour, but that’s no bad thing when the riffs flow as they so often do, and


Things slow down even further for the arrival of Bong. A divisive act, in terms of people who can’t stand drone no less stand through 40 minutes of it, and of course those who can, whether we’re into it or slightly curious. Those that stay are greeted with a masterful display of pure focus and attrition, building and maintaining the volume throughout, with only a morsel of chanted vocals and a spacey upward movement in tempo as the set progresses on which to hang any hat on the coathook of melody.


The room become tightly packed for the return of Leeds’ own A Forest of Stars, who use their soundtrack to ensure everything is precise to the most minute detail. The local crowd seem more than happy to let them get on with it and they don’t disappoint, providing a thorough, professional and wholly unique experience. The septet and their ensemble of instruments fill the seemingly tiny stage yet the crowd equally squeezes down to the front to glimpse to see their unique blend of progressive black metal, holding everyone’s attention like the mass conductors they are.


After that display of utmost composure and sincere appreciation, some depravity had to be in order, and London goregrind louts Gout were on hand to deliver it. Decked in their now trademark Hawaiian clothing and entering to the ‘Trololol’ song, the lights turn a blood red over the stage and when it all kicks in everything goes nuts. An explosion in the pit felt like it was forever waiting, until Gout came along and in one fell swoop opened up a sea of flailing, circling humanity. Eddie Spengler revels in his frontman role, unleashing ridiculous song titles – ‘Interspecies Zoophiliac Sex Safari’ being a nugget of pure gold in its utterance – and plumbing the deepest gutter of the vocal bucket whilst having a good old jape around the stage, as his bandmates blast and groove everything to pieces. It’s over in 30 minutes but the good times experienced here will long live on when looking back over this weekend.


Not to be outdone, Bury death metallers Foetal Juice don’t waste too much time in delivering their own gleeful battering, hitting the jackpot with every song, vocalist Sam Read revelling in the role of growler and conjuror, keeping the crowd enthralled throughout and spending the whole gig with a maniacal expression across his face. 18 months ago they were a proud part of the original KHF. Sub-headlining this time around, how much longer before they’re headlining things like this in their own right?

Unfortunately, my carriage awaits as stamina gets the better of us and we decide to call it a night at a reasonable time. So apologies to Man Must Die and indeed Envoys from earlier, though I’m assured both were excellent.

Finally, I must close out this review with a massive thank you to Paul Priest and to all the KHF staff who made our time there very accommodating whilst running an excellent operation on a large scale throughout. I implore everyone to head over to the ‘Kin Hell Fest page over on Facebook and to continue to support this festival in any way, shape or form. We’d love to see this fest return in 2014 – it was a blast from start to finish, and its grand to see UK hardcore and metal, in all its forms, is very much alive and well in the catacombs of the underground.

Peter Clegg