Grey Widow – I


Grey Widow

A band with members of Dopefight, Parole, Thread and The Ergon Counsel should rightly get anyone with half a brain and/or indeed knowledge of the lush UK underground rather excited, and that is exactly the case with London-based tyrants Grey Widow. Their debut album ‘I’ was released early this year, and while it offers no real surprises (from the cover art to the music itself), it is nonetheless doom/sludge metal done right. The opening, self-titled track builds up into appropriately filthy, groovy doom/sludge, and ticks every box you like depending on how you like your riffage – equal parts nihilistic, filthy, just downright heavy. ’IV’ provides a nice swerve; one of the album’s stand-out tracks, it chucks in some nice blackened misery, full of rolling beats and chaotic howls, before slowing down the riffage and playing out in suitably forboding fashion, and ‘VII’ flirts with hardcore punk at one point before punching you squarely in the face with more swampy dredging sludge riffs. And the last track – surprise, titled ‘VIII’ – is one of the most hateful dirges committed to audio this year, and you will find it absorbing every inch of your barely alive corpses.

Their mantra is ‘Nihilistic putrid fucking hatred. Worship nothing. Follow no one. Destroy everything’. Without question this record proves they lift and breathe that statement of their sound and their mission objective, and ‘I’ is a living embodiment of all that is great and wholly impure about downtempo worship.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘I’ here (download), or here (CD/cassette/LP)
Stream it below:


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