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Ash Is A Robot
Ash Is A Robot

Ash Is A Robot are a five-piece post-hardcore band hailing from Setúbal, Portugal, formed in 2012 comprising of members from various Portuguese underground bands. Their debut album is the result of a hard-worked past 18 months, touring their home country and neighbouring Spain and releasing a couple of singles, which has led up to this, their debut album on Swiss label Hummus Records, which has previously put out stellar work from the likes of associated bands Coilguns, NVRVD, Kunz and more. While post-hardcore has become something of a tired old horse in recent years – not for the lack of trying, but for the swathes of bands who sound too similar for doing so – ARIA at least have a decent stab at trying to stand out, which makes for a reasonably good debut album. It doesn’t often stray too far from the blueprint, yet it does contain some fantastic angular bass grooves, particularly on the earlier tracks, and some fantastic melodies, such as the closing section of ‘Close Encounters of Thirds Not Kind’. There’s also the occasional use of electronic elements, an additional dash of adventurism, if not exactly experimentalism. Overall, this debut is more than competent, showing that ARIA have a knack for creating not just melodies but also grooves and a slightly heavier side too that occasionally shows itself. Potentially one to watch for the future.

Pre-order information is presently unavailable but the album will be released on Friday February 14th.

Peter Clegg

Stream two tracks from the record below: