Dephosphorus – Ravenous Solemnity


Ravenous Solemnity
7 Degrees/Handshake Inc.

After exploding onto the scene with 2011’s ‘Axiom‘, a release that truly got the blogosphere going with the term ‘astrogrind’ being used to describe Dephosphorus for their cosmos-based themes, the Greeks get together again for a new album of space-fried fastness that becomes the finest release of their career and indeed, arguably the best album to emerge this year so far. The fourteen tracks of ‘Ravenous Solemnity‘ are rich with goodness – paying their own tribute to late Scottish author Iain M. Banks by lifting a few quotes from his novels in a few tracks, blending them into a mix of otherworldly riffing, exceptional drumming and their vocalists proclamations of the stars. They flit from one tempo to another with seamless ease, a sentient mix of black metal, technical death metal, and old school grind, most effectively on tracks such as ‘Storming the Sloan Wall’ and the phenomenally blasting ‘A Fountain of Daggers’; and with increasing depth, dexterity and mysterium on ‘Towards the Cold Dark Infinity’ and ‘Glorification of the Anti-Life Equation’. The use of spoken word and vocoder in ‘Astrocyde Portal’ always show this band does not intend to sit around and play it safe. More than just a grind band, Dephosphorus are utilizing their influences and honing them effectively so, proving to be as vast and as unpredictable as the universe itself.

Peter Clegg

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