Cancerous Womb – Born of a Cancerous Womb


Cancerous Womb
Born of a Cancerous Womb
Grindscene/Rising Nemesis

For nine years Scottish quartet Cancerous Womb have been plundering their venomous death metal/grind assault to audiences across the UK, building a following thanks to their modern day approach that takes in old-school tendencies, macabre lyrics plus the nuances of progressive and technical slants. A three-track EP, entitled ‘Austrian Basement‘, followed up by their appearance on a five-way ‘Split Roast’ release further enhanced their reputation, and now they finally bring us their debut album, ‘Born of a Cancerous Womb‘, which should hopefully open the gateway to further notoriety.

In much the same way as death/thrash whippersnappers Flayed Disciple do, CW don’t shy away from the gory themes popularised by Cannibal Corpse, early Death, Carcass, and later acts such as The Rotted and the wider goregrind scene. You get the gist. And while they nod to a cheeky dark humour in titles such as ‘Up To My Nuts in Guts’, the deliverance here is in suitably fierce riffery and some no-nonsense brutality. It doesn’t matter that there’s not a great deal of variation in the tracks, as it largely impresses on all fronts. The title track is tidy as is the savagery of ‘Grind, Tear & Slice’ and CW fan favourite ‘Torn From Gunt to C**t’. It’s been a good while in the making, but wholly worth it, and the band are tight with precision drumming at all tempos, great rhythmic teamwork and crunchy and effective riffage, if not too flashy (not necessarily a bad thing). Excellent production work from is the icing on the cake, and overall this will solidify and strengthen their position in the UK scene.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Born of a Cancerous Womb‘ here
Stream two tracks from the album below:

Official site

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