Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul – Splatterhash


Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul

While it can be said that the label of ‘gimmick’ be branded on both these bands quite hardily is not without reason – one whose entire output is based on songs about weed largely parodying death metal overlords Cannibal Corpse (though not in creative form, at least), the other a band hailing from the spooky town of Creepsylvania, clad in executioner masks and witness to all manner of horrors. But cry joke at these bands at your peril. We’ve covered both Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul on We Must Obey before and can vouch for their excellent in providing the horrors in musical form. Now Tankcrimes, one of the raddest labels in the world, has got the two bands together for a split release, the latest in the labels line of outstanding splits, coming off the back of Exhumed and Iron Reagan’s get together late last year.

Thus ‘Splatterhash’ is born, already looking the part thanks to its Andrei Bouzikov artwork, nothing less than you’d expect and an awesome depiction of the two bands with an army of weed monsters and bong guns. But at for the music itself? Cannabis Corpse return to parodying Cannibal Corpse titles, this time from the ‘Evisceration Plague’ era. ‘The Inhalation Plague’ feels a bit of a mid-tempo riffer, not quite as thrilling as some of the band’s previous output, but it bakes well enough and provides a good opening for the second track, ‘Shatter Their Bongs’, which goes for a faster pace with some cracking tempo shifts, the glorious clean/death declaration of ‘We must/shatter their bongs!’ Its their first new material in two and a half years, but its looking good for the next full length, with a new three-piece line-up settled on, with Phil ‘Land Phil’ Hall still leading the charges. Meanwhile Ghoul are really on form, returning to original material after their covers EP ‘Intermediate Level Hard-Core’ last year. The five minute long ‘Inner Sanctum’ is a phenomenal ride, capturing the band’s wicked guitar tone to full effect and detailing a town full of savagery. Tell me if there’s a band who do gang vocals better at the moment, because the simple command of ‘Kill!‘ feels perfect within every aspect of this song. And after that, comes the faster, heavier and downright slamming ‘Spill Your Guts’, which is just a two minute chainsaw massacre in audio format. Delightful.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Splatterhash’ here
Stream it below:

Cannabis Corpse official site

Ghoul official site

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