Human Cull – The Persecuting Society


Human Cull
The Persecuting Society

Plymouth grinders Human Cull have been pretty busy since we last reviewed them – we sadly missed their splits with Oblivionized (‘This Septic Isle’) and their intriguing slow jam ‘Cities Become Graves’ which featured on a split with Canadians Homolka. Both of these came out in 2012 along with the mini-album ‘Split Second Extinction’, so this marks the first release for the band in just over a year. Here they return to grind the axe at speed once again with six new tracks on an EP entitled ‘The Persecuting Society’. It’s nothing you wouldn’t expect from a grind band, but regardless, Human Cull still flex their muscles perfectly well, and these six tracks are perfect executions of the genre’s speed with a tinge of death metal influence held within too. Stream it below and get yourself the latest ice cold killer slab from the Plymouthian crew.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘The Persecuting Society’ here (name-your-price)

Stream it below:



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