We Must Obey wants YOU!


For the last two going on three years, We Must Obey has proudly been a two man operation, though I’ve done the lions share of work, and with a tough 2013 out of the way, I’ve considered my options for 2014. I’ve really been struggling to keep up with things and on more than one occasion have been close to jacking the blog in all together. But I keep flipflopping and like any creator and his monster, I’d like to keep this blog alive. The way to do that though means that things must change, and with that, it means I must allow some light to come in, because in all fairness, I can’t push this thing much further without a little bit of help from the outside. So for the first time ever, I’m opening up our proverbial doors. To you.

Would you like to contribute to We Must Obey? I’m looking for one or two additional people on a voluntary, whenever you can basis. Covering all of rock and metal’s subgenres (punk, hardcore, sludge, doom, thrash, death, black, grind, prog, powerviolence, etc.) through mainly reviews, as well as live shows, features, covering UK underground scene as well as some international bands and higher profile bands too. We have previously covered events like ‘Kin Hell Fest and interviewed Black Breath and Ginger Wildheart in the past and if we could get more of those, however well known the interviewee, then we’d be onto a winner. We also get guestlist invites for select shows.

Our scope is broad with no general boundary as long as its relevant to the target audience and, most importantly, whatever you’re into. Ideally we’d like more coverage of the UK scene, but I will not turn down anyone who is interested, regardless of where they are in the world – we are looking to increasing our audience through a greater range of content. And if you specialise in any one or number of subgenres then that’s no problem either.

Contributions would be in your free time and no deadlines aside from trying to get reviews and features out as close to relevant release/show date as possible. Would be strictly voluntary – I run the blog on internet allowance only and all features are made possible by PR releases, band/label submissions, and checking out albums via streams or downloads when they are released. I’m not expecting work horses – I currently contribute probably 97-98% of my own content to the blog and it’s increasingly difficult with my current lifestyle interests to keep up with stuff, so even just sending me the odd review or feature article would be great just to keep things ticking over. I would retain editorial control.

Anyone interested, please leave a comment below or e-mail us. We’ll also be using Facebook and Twitter to push this message until we get the right people in.

If you have experience, please link me to your handiwork, if not, no worries – take a look at the rest of the work here. There’s well over two years worth to pore over.

Thanks for reading. I really hope that, whoever you are, you’ll be obliging and that you’ll do this for the love of the riff. We Must Obey will live on!


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