Charles Bradley covers Black Sabbath’s ‘Changes’ – and nails it


Anyone not familiar with Charles Bradley’s story ought to check it out, whichever musical walk you take. A former James Brown impersonator, Bradley got his big career break at 62, releasing the critically acclaimed ‘No Time for Dreaming‘ in 2011 and going from strength to strength since. You’ve got to see his documentary ‘Soul of America’, chronically his slow and sometimes painful rise. He’s one of the best things happening outside of the world of rock and metal right now, and here he’s given me excellent reason to feature him. Bradley has taken on Black Sabbath’s classic single ‘Changes’, and not only has he (& the Budos Band) done it justice with a stunning cover, he’s made it completely his own as well. This was released for Black Friday in the USA on strictly limited vinyl, and my oh my, would I pay the earth for this in future. Bradley is one of the best damn singers in the world now, operating on the fringes of the poisonous mainstream, and sweeping up all plaudits before him. Check out the song below – you won’t regret it and it’s a phenomenal way for 2013 to reach an end.

Peter Clegg

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