The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Blow Up the Xmas Tree

We Must Obey has not had much time to really look for any alternative Christmas stuff this year, and to be honest the well is running a little bit dry. Thankfully, psychedelic rockers The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, in addition to having the most glorious name in rock music right now, have also shown a penchant for parody and indeed something a little unexpected. Hence the potential reasoning behind choosing to record ‘Blow Up the Xmas Tree’, a not-so-faithful cover of infamous crossover legends, Fearless Iranians From Hell’s ‘Blow Up the Embassy’. And it’s not so festive either, declaring ‘I’m going to blow up an elf tonight’ as it kicks into gear. It’s an enjoyable cover and perhaps as aggressive, and indeed comical, as you’ll likely hear the Admirals. It’s limited to 100 vinyl copies, so there’s pretty much nil chance of this being a festive chart-topper, but you can stream it above and rock out with the meagre Christmas spirit you can call upon.

Peter Clegg

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