Corrupt Moral Altar – Whiskey Sierra


Corrupt Moral Altar
Whiskey Sierra
Dead Chemists

When we reviewed their debut release ‘Luciferian Deathcult‘ here, it was hard to maybe even dream if Corrupt Moral Altar could get any heavier and more menacing than when they first merged as mere shoots from previous bands. But since that particular release, which was perhaps one of the most devastating debut releases of recent times, CxMxA have gone from strength to strength, and as I correctly predicted – along with many others no doubt – they’ve brought the roof down on many a toilet venue, pub/gig venue or festivals bigger or smaller to cement their initial promise and transition from underground supergroup to leading lights of the UK underground extreme movement, and in little under a year as well.

They didn’t waste any time in getting their second record, the ‘Whiskey Sierra‘ 7″, off the leash and snarling at people unsuspecting or otherwise. If ‘Luciferian Deathcult‘ was the mean mugger laughing at your misfortune, ‘Whiskey Sierra‘ is its even harder comrade, the one that instead of leaving your smarting actually drags you away to whichever dark corner it originates from to meet an unpleasant fate. It’s almost inhuman – a beast. Something about this just seems even more heavy, malevolent and downright intentional. The title track doesn’t muck around in getting down to business, thrashing away in the same reckless abandon that got this lot their notoriety in the first place. And that’s before they unleash ‘Lord’, the money shot in all of this. A vicious cut of pounding riffs and clattering drums, Chris Reese even exclaiming ‘whoa‘ at one point before the choice cut of the song comes in, thundering along, briefing slamming to a jolting halt, before the boosters fire up again, eventually finishing with the most unholy slow down to mark what is arguably their best song to date. Throw in two remasters from the ‘Needle Drugs‘ demo, and there you have it – one of the single most annihilatic displays of irascible noise you will hear all year around.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Whiskey Sierra‘ here
Stream it below:



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