Volatile – Chin Check


Chin Check EP

Volatile are a four-piece metallic hardcore band consisting of members from Preston and Norwich, Connecticut, and ‘Chin Check’ represents their first release as a band. Three tracks long, ‘Chin Check’ is an exercise in furiously personal groove-laden diatribes which are quickly over in roughly seven minutes, but offer an insight into what the band are potentially aiming for. As it is, the groundwork is laid for Volatile to bloom into something excellent – here there’s a sense that the music is solid, if not spectacular, the opening ‘D’ perhaps the best display of the band’s versatile influences – it doesn’t protest too much to be strictly hardcore, nor too showy to be metal. Lyrically they show an intensity that ranks among the most vitriolic – ‘Let’s start by saying you’re a liar and a fucking thief’ their vocalist screams at the beginning of ‘Play for Keeps’. It’s not the most insightful or inspiring but whoever it’s about, its refreshingly honest in its scathing assessment of its subject.

Chin Check’ was released earlier this year and is available directly from the band on their Bandcamp page. Stream it below and go check them out. There’s some good potential here and they’re worthy of a listen and a dollar or few.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Chin Check’ here
Stream it below:



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