Power Trip supporting Bane in the UK/EU!

Have a gander at the latest press release from Rarely Unable, in support of Texan thrashers Power Trip’s foray over to European shores with a tour alongside hardcore legends Bane and hardcore sharks Blkout, due to begin next Monday in Germany, before landing in the UK two days later!



Power Trip, thrashers of the upmost quality, have announced a November European tour alongside righteous hardcore troupe Bane and groovin’ hardcore act Blkout. Having earlier this year released ‘Manifest Decimation‘ on Southern Lord to overwhelming acclaim from critics, thrash purists and the hardcore community alike, they plan to set in stone their phenomenal reputation on these shores with downright outrageous live shows.  Here are the full tour listings:

04.11.13 Germany, Bochum @ Bahnhof Langendreer  
05.11.13 Holland, Dordrecht @ Bibelot  
06.11.13 UK, London @ Underworld  
07.11.13 UK, Glasgow @ The Classic Grand  
08.11.13 UK, Manchester @ Sound Control  
09.11.13 UK, Basingstoke @ Sanctuary   
10.11.13 Belgium, Antwerpen @ Kavka   
11.11.13 Germany Göttingen @ Lumière  
12.11.13 Germany, Lindau @ Club Vaudeville   
13.11.13 Germany, München @ Feierwerk   
14.11.13 Switzerland, St. Gallen @ Kugl  
15.11.13 Italy, Egna/Neumarkt @ Point  
16.11.13 Germany, Lichtenstein @ Jz Riot   
17.11.13 Austria, Salzburg @ Rockhouse
18.11.13 Hungary, Budapest @ Dürer Kert  
19.11.13 Poland, Poznan @ Pod Minoga  
20.11.13 Germany, Hannover Chez Heinz  
21.11.13 Denmark, Lyngby @ Templet   
22.11.13 Sweden, Stockholm @ Bergsund Strand 43  
23.11.13 Sweden, Motala @ Kulturakademin, Dead Fest  
24.11.13 Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang  
25.11.13 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia  
26.11.13 Germany, Frankfurt @ 11er
Amidst massive touring over the past five years, and having unloaded a cache of demos, splits and D.I.Y. releases along the way, the high-powered metallic punk/hardcore attack of Dallas-based Power Trip caught the attention of Southern Lord, who brought the crew on-board for the release of their first full-length. Recorded by Arthur Rizk and Daniel Schmuck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Argyle, Texas, and produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk at Solomon’s Gate in Philadelphia, the eight tracks on ‘Manifest Decimation‘ hurtle the band’s “steel, speed and destruction” ethos direct at the jugular with thirty-five minutes of crossover intensity that sounds like it was excavated from a 1987 time capsule with sixteen tons of radioactive dynamite. The intense album layout was created by Italian artist Paolo “Madman” Girardi, completing this vile package which was delivered via Southern Lord in June this year.
You can stream ‘Manifest Decimation‘ via Southern Lord’s Power Trip Bandcamp page: http://powertripsl.bandcamp.com/

Peter Clegg

Razormaze – Annihilatia



Boston, Massachusetts thrashers Razormaze are a new name to my ears, and with all hearty recommendations that come from the thrash world, I was thrust into their universe to get a slice of this particular pie. There’s always the danger of young thrash acts getting mired in homage to the 80s, but Razormaze do an excellent job of sounding modern without sacrificing the hallmarks of what made this style so exciting in the first place. ‘Worshipping the Void’ is a straight up monster of a song, ‘Demagogue’ and ‘Electric Deception’ make excellent use of anthemic choruses, some shredding grooves and heapings of riffs. It only vaguely begins to wear thin as it nears its end, but the seeds are definitely sewn for great things from these guys. ‘Annihilatia’ is an excellent overall release, with tight chemistry, frantic riffs, breakneck rhythms that offer a glimpse of what these Bostonians have to offer. Razormaze ought to be a name you all keep your eyes and ears on.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Annihilatia‘ here
Stream it below:


Gurt/Limb – Split Roast EP


Split Roast
Witch Hunter

The rules: three songs each. One original, one cover, and one cover from the other’s back catalogue. Bosh. And with that premise, two of the UK – and London’s finest in sludge – Gurt, and Limb – come together for ‘Split Roast’, a special release for the Witch Hunter Records label and one that makes for an interesting experiment and an enjoyable listen at that.

Gurt are up first, with new track ‘Sophisticate’ kicking off proceedings. It feels like Gurt have been around longer than 2010, but their 70’s inspired sludge rock machine and won them many admirers and ‘Sophisticate’ doesn’t change tack on that front, as excellent as what’s come from the band before now. Its then that things take a turn for the curious. I never imagined the day when the Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ would be turned into a mud-crawling sludge track, but Gurt put their own unique spin on it and vocalist Gareth tackles every ‘fa fa fa’ and ‘q’uest-ce que cest?’ with ruthless abandon, while the rest of band chug out to the march of the beat, before turning to Limb’s ‘Gift of the Sun’ to meet their side of the bargain, marking it with a vicious display of snarling intent. 

Limb’s latest release ‘Gift of the Sun’ somehow escaped my attention, despite my appreciation for their demo which showed promising things. Hence while I’ve still a little catching up to you, its great to hear them in fine form on new track ‘Plague Doctor’. They next dive into Queen’s often overlooked eponymous debut to cover the stirring ‘Son and Daughter’ which makes excellent light of Limb’s blues-rock influence and stays faithful to the original, if only of course to serve it with a heavier sound. They choose ‘Soapfeast’ – which originally appeared on Gurt’s split with now-defunct sludgers Dopefight – to close, and delight in taking on the vitriolic potty-mouthed song with a more mid-paced, bluesy tone compared to Gurt’s anvil-heavy fast/slow original.

Now available on Witch Hunter in a variety of options, including limited CD, and you can stream this release below too if you want to see why you too should get with the program.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Split Roast’ here
Or on limited edition CD here
Stream it below:


Gurt official site

Limb official site

Corrupt Moral Altar UK tour incoming!

Please read below the following press release with news of forthcoming UK tour dates from sludge-grinders Corrupt Moral Altar, who’ve been tearing up ears and eyes with a slew of harsh, blistering releases and sonically pounding live shows over the course of 2013.


Following the release of Corrupt Moral Altar’s latest 7″ ‘Whiskey Sierra‘ (Dead Chemists Records) and after a slew of notable support slots and festival appearances, this malevolent four piece are announcing a full UK tour this November.

Check out the video trailer featuring footage from Ryan Fallon’s recently unleashed music video and full tour listings below:

Corrupt Moral Altar – UK Tour Trailer

13/11/2013 Racehorse Northampton England
14/11/2013 The Black Bull Gateshead England
15/11/2013 Audio Glasgow Scotland
16/11/2013 Packhorse Leeds England
17/11/2013 Old Blue Last London England

Thanks to Rarely Unable for the press release. Get yourself to one of these shoes – you do not want to miss out!

Peter Clegg


Famine – A Hand of Sore Thumbs


A Hand of Sore Thumbs

After a couple of titbits released via their Bandcamp page, ‘A Hand of Sore Thumbs’ marks the first full EP release for Leeds’ latest emergent from its thriving hardcore/powerviolence scene, Famine. And what a fabulous racket they make. Five songs make up this release, and its excellent that all have a bit of longevity to them – even at under 90 seconds, their songs are allowed to breathe and develop and that’s what’s part of why this release is so good. ‘Sold Bowels (Saved Owls)’ is undoubtedly one of the highlights, a fast burst, a blast section, and then the chorus which you’ll no doubt be busting your lungs to if you see these guys live. The expected fast/slow shifts are always present but Famine keep interest levels up with some phenomenal crossover-esque riffing and excellent vocal delivery. A great mix of hardcore, powerviolence and crossover elements to be had here, and Famine are offering it at name-your-price download, with tapes due on Reagent shortly. Go!

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘A Hand of Sore Thumbs’ here
Stream it below:


KEN Mode – Entrench


KEN Mode
Season of Mist

KEN Mode hit it big last year after scoring a Juno award for 2011’s ‘Venerable’, after which you may have expected the Winnipeg, Manitoba natives to perhaps not sound so angry, so intense. Instead they buck the trend. It didn’t seem possible for KEN Mode to get any more intense after ‘Venerable’s bloodlust, but that’s precisely what they’ve managed with ‘Entrench’. Their fifth album in ten years begins predictably manic with ‘Counter Complex Culture’, and it doesn’t take long for the venomous trio to bare their teeth. ‘No, I’m In Charge’ and ‘Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick’ are both examples of people you’d hate to meet in a darkened alley. Those speedier thrillrides are balanced by a mixture of slower, heavier, and occasionally more atmospheric. Tracks like ‘The Terror Pulse’ and ‘Daeodon’ are huge city monsters roaming across the space they occupy; ‘Figure Your Life Out’ is like being in the ring with a champion counter-puncher who just keeps picking you off time after time with jab after jab. The riff is underpinned by some fabulous rolling bass and a strutting beat that underpins the song and eventually collapses into one almighty haymaker.
And then there’s the forays into post-metal, most notably ‘Romeo Must Never Know’, which sees vocalist Jesse Matthewson whispering over a quiet-loud riff that eventually explodes into a dark, dramatic finish, while ‘Monomyth’ takes the classical approach and feels equally climactic with stunning string orchestration. Put simply, ‘Entrench’ is quite possibly one of the most enjoyable treats to come my way this year – its raging, its angry, its downright tormentous, with even the quieter moments seeing the tension ratched up like a powderkeg ready to explode, with ‘Monomyth’ being the moment the red mist finally lifts and we can look back upon what a beautiful rampage this is.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Entrench’ here
Stream it below:

Official site

‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 update – more bands, early bird tickets + more

+ We Must Obey officially supporting ‘Kin Hell Fest 2014!


We are very happy to confirm that once again, ‘Kin Hell Fest have added We Must Obey as one of its official supporters/promoters of its festival, after our coverage of the 2013 edition. We’re absolutely honoured, thrilled and suitably stoked to be part of the alumni, as the fest is set to be even bigger than ever before.

A lot has happened though considering our coverage dropped somewhat because of my running/fundraising exploits and generally a lack of access and family issues to contend with that has really got in the way. ‘Kin Hell Fest have indeed added more in the way of details since then and as such, I’ve constructed this mega-post to get you all up to speed with what’s going on.

What we know so far:

The latest additions

Some stonking bands were added to the line-up very recently, including perhaps the biggest name to be drawn to the fest so far, in the name of Birmingham’s harshest extreme metallers Anaal Nathrakh. Also added are Rot in Hell, hardcore merchants featuring members of UK scene legends Voorhees, as well as Dutch groovy grind/powerviolence freaks Jesus Crost, Falmouth doom duo Monolithian, brutal German slammers Pighead, and Derby’s twisted-punk psychos Ephemeral Foetus

We also got a self-confirm for the first time in the fest’s history, as Leeds post-rock duo Khuda, who split last year, confirmed their appearance at the fest in a one-off reunion set!

Just a couple of days ago, the festival organisers outdid themselves again, with the announcement of five more bands, including Swedish comedy grindnuts Birdflesh, playing their first UK show, a one-off exclusive, since 2006, and Leeds riff lords Hawk Eyes. Both play the fest for the first time and diversify the line-up further than ever before. Also making their first appearances are London’s old-school progressive heavy metallers Amulet, and UK-based crossover thrashers Noise Complaint, comprising members from the USA, Brazil and Italy. Finally, returning for seconds this year are one of 2013’s most impressive acts, Preston grinders The Day Man Lost. Man, they crushed the fest on the Sunday this year and by George, its great to have them back.


A pre-show will take place on Friday April 26th, 2014 to serve as a preamble to festivities. This show will take place at Eiger Studios in Leeds, with a line-up to be announced.

The main festival itself will take place on the weekend of Friday May 2nd to Sunday May 4th, 2014, at the Vox venue in Leeds.


27 bands have been announced so far:

Anaal Nathrakh; Wodensthrone; Birdflesh; Hawk Eyes; Deviated Instinct; Ingested; Khuda; Conquest of Steel; Crepitation; Evisorax; Pighead; Necro Deathmort; Jesus Crost; Acrania; Haar; XisforEyes; Amulet; Gets Worse; Noise Complaint;  Iniquitous Savagery; Monolithian; The Day Man Lost; Rot In Hell; Wizard’s Beard; Ephemeral Foetus; Famine; Death Tripper

12 more bands still to be announced, plus the pre-show line-up which is set to be an all-dayer, with announcement of 11 bands for that show at the beginning of 2014, bringing the total up to 50 bands!


Early bird tickets for  the fest are now on sale at a modest £49 for at least 39 bands. But be quick – they’re limited to 200 and likely to go quickly! Head here to get yours. More tickets will go on sale at a later date, for both the main festival and the pre-show. The fest are also exploring camping and travel options. Keep your eyes and ears on those if you live many miles away from Leeds.


The revamped ‘Kin Hell Fest website is now up and running for 2014. Bigger and better than before, go check it out for the latest news, tickets, band profiles and forum discussion.

You can also keep up to date with the festival and all incoming news on Facebook, and now on Twitter as well.

Phew, that was exhausting. But rest assured, we aim to pick ourselves back up and support this festival loud and proud, heading into 2014 and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates!

Peter Clegg

Ufomammut tour hits the UK tonight!


That’s right folks, psychedelic doom riff lords Ufomammut bring their latest tour to these shores tonight with three shows in the offing for the next few days, hitting Bristol tonight, then Leeds & London. Entitled, “the Magickal Mastery tour”, the idea is to present music from across their entire canon as this will mark their last tour for the foreseeable future whilst they work on new material. 

You can watch the latest trailer for the Magickal Mastery Tour here: http://youtu.be/cQz67NFueXs

(Contains flashing images)

Promoted by the good folks at Desertscene, support comes from the fantastic Zolle.

ZOLLE – https://www.facebook.com/zollezollezolle

And Leeds people, you can still get tickets here:

Tickets – http://www.leedstickets.com/eventinfo/3835/Ufomammut-plus-guests-Leeds  

Below is the press release for this incredible tour:

Like a snake biting its own tail, time is circular, and with their upcoming tour, Ufomammut further corroborate ouroboric tendencies…

This autumn, Ufomammut will excavate items from their pliocenic past, keeping their third eye pointed at the future – the ‘Magickal Mastery Tour’ is a journey through fifteen years of Ufomammut music, performing under a new light songs from Godlike Snake to ORO, as thanksgiving to people for their support and devotion.

The band commented…”We are very excited to come out and play material from across our album catalogue, whereas recent focus has been on ORO, an album which we are most proud of, we are looking forward to playing older material also, it’s been a while! This marks the last tour we shall do for a period, whilst we concentrate on writing a new album”

UFOMAMMUT is a power trio formed in 1999 in Italy by Poia, Urlo and Vita. With long songs, droning vocals and massive effects the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.

In ten years the band has played several times around Europe reaching the US West Coast in 2009 as well as performing at international music festivals including Roadburn, Hellfest, Assymetry and alongside bands such as Down, Baroness, Lento, Motorpsycho, Orange Goblin and many more.

Ufomammut’s live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists collective who conjure the entirety of Ufomammut’s visual impact. 
UFOMAMMUT is a power trio formed in 1999 in Italy by Poia, Urlo and Vita. With long songs, droning vocals and massive effects the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.

In ten years the band has played several times around Europe reaching the US West Coast in 2009 as well as performing at international music festivals including Roadburn, Hellfest, Assymetry and alongside bands such as Down, Baroness, Lento, Motorpsycho, Orange Goblin and many more.

Ufomammut’s live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists collective who conjure the entirety of Ufomammut’s visual impact. 

Peter Clegg

Special thanks to Rarely Unable for the material