A Pale Horse Named Death – Lay My Soul to Waste


A Pale Horse Named Death
Lay My Soul to Waste
SPV America

As a Type O Negative fan – and a big one at that – I’m slightly disgusted at myself for overlooking A Pale Horse Named Death’s debut ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ when it initially emerged. I certainly gave Seventh Void a chance when they emerged from the death of legendary Type O frontman Peter Steele, their debut ‘Heaven Is Gone’ certainly leaving an impression on me though not ripping up the rulebook. Indeed, drummer Johnny Kelly, also drummer for Seventh Void, and guitarist and former Type O drummer Sal Abruscato return for seconds here on ‘Lay My Soul to Waste’, and this time I wasn’t prepared to shoot myself in the foot again.

Much like anything to emerge post-Type O, ‘Lay My Soul to Waste’ doesn’t offer any surprises, with APHND still rocking up like Alice In Chains doing the Type O doom march. But it is a competent record, with plenty of good riffs and tales of death, addiction and serial killers, mired in the same funeral vibe their connections were famous for. Whether this be the horror-rock vibe of songs such as ‘Killer by Night’ or ‘Devil Came With a Smile’, which both undeniably feel darkly good despite a small element of ‘been here, heard that’, or the slow march of tracks such as ‘Day of the Storm’, which nods undeniably to their lineage and unquestionably stand out in the proverbial fog. It’s good to see APHND starting to stamp their own territory with their own vibe; overall, it’s not an outstanding record, but certainly not one to turn up, especially for the dark and desolate among us.

Peter Clegg

A Pale Horse Named Death – DMSLT (official video)

Buy ‘Lay My Soul to Waste’ here

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