All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature


All Pigs Must Die
Nothing Violates This Nature
Southern Lord 

This trend of monkeying around with Entombed riffs has reached saturation point, hasn’t it? All manners of bands getting signed up and making a living off the Stockholm legends who’ve proved so influential, I’ve even seen their named given a –core suffix. JEEZUS CRUST! It’s led me to yawn when a new band comes up with any mix of the words ‘hardcore’ ‘crust’ ‘metal’ and yes, ‘Entombed’ within the same spiel about their noise. That most have these have come from Southern Lord is partly coincidence, though their marketing strategy sure has changed from the label that used to bow simply to the slow riff. And that’s not to belittle those bands coming through, most of whom make a righteous racket, but the symptoms of staid are already seeping through the loins of this movement, and like thrash 2.0, NWOAHM, emo, nu-metal, grunge, thrash 1.0, and any other trend driven movement, the premise is simple – evolve, stand out, or die.

Not that this has ever been a concern to All Pigs Must Die – consisting of Converge’s Ben Koller, The Hope Conspiracy’s Kevin Baker, and Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods of Bloodhorse can be fully relied upon to deliver the goods and boy, have they delivered a supreme package again. If ‘God is War’ was a statement of intent, ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’ is an execution of action, a roaring wave of encrusted hardcore that intimidates and rags you about like an impatient dog with a bone. It supremely careers along with tracks such as ‘Chaos Arise’ and ‘Primitive Fear’, before slamming the brakes on with sludge-tinged ‘Of Suffering’, with chords ringing out eerily among the caustic yells from Baker. This provides the only ‘lull’ in terms of speed – it certainly can’t be labelled tardy – and soon APMD are back on rickety railroad, with no brakes and a flagrant disregard for safety. ‘Faith Eater’ is a particularly savage cut as the album thunders towards the finish.
I think its safe to say that APMD long superseded the tag of ‘supergroup’ – a millstone if there ever was one – and their credentials are as strong as the very best the current scene has to offer. ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’ is nothing short of essential listening, a thirty-three minute application of the band’s collective nous and sheer force. Rarely has an opening song (‘Chaos Arise’) felt so appropriate for what’s about to happen, and it delivers in that department in spades, opening up slightly more to the band’s metal leanings to refine rather than dilute their original clatter. True, it doesn’t quite rid itself of all the comparisons to that band, but they stand above, and on top of a giant pedestal too, in a scene increasing filling with clones. So relax, enjoy, and go bananas.

Peter Clegg 

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