Let It Die/Monolithian – Because the World is Perfidious, I am Going Into Mourning


Let It Die/Monolithian
Because the World is Perfidious, I Am Going Into Mourning
Skin & Bones/Moshtache

Let It Die and Monolithian prove here that while they come from different walks, they needn’t have different mindsets. As the cumbersomely-titled ‘Because the World Is Perfidious, I Am Going into Mourning’ here, inspired by the legendary painting ‘The Misanthrope’, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the emphasis is to balance the slow with the fast; the hateful blur with the scornful misery. If anything, this EP serves to prove how much the lines between conceived genres have been eroded. Let It Die have received some fair praise since their beginnings a couple of years ago, and have evolved from being simply grindy to embracing a more traditional hardcore/metalcore stance. ‘Boredom/Inertia’ is a slow burner to begin with, ‘Boredom’ being the appropriately named menacing chug, before ‘Inertia’ kicks in with a neat little blitz. ‘Torture’ is much more straight-up in its aims, even allowing for a fade-out at the end with a nice booming riff. They make excellent heavy noise for a bass-less three piece, and vocalist Red sure sounds narked.

Alternatively, Monolithian provide just the one hybrid song, in the form of ‘Emaciate/Euthanise’. A blackened doom duo from Falmouth, they’ve played their trade supporting the likes of EyeHateGod and Human Cull previously and though they’ve yet to record anything truly striding in terms of length, quite what they can create within a limited time is something to behold. Bassist Simon is truly the figure of despair, his growls anything between guttural and beckoning, while drummer Shannon controls the ebb and flow of the song exceptionally, crashing away at her kit in metronomic fashion. All this before the ‘Euthanise’ portion explodes into a swirling river of sonic violence, injecting a savage turn of speed at just the right moment, before the song boils down to a close.

Limited to 300 vinyl copies through Skin & Bones Records or Moshtache Records, get your hands on this while you can. If both bands continue to make waves the way they do, they deserve a slightly bigger stage. Though we’d certainly enjoy them most in the catacombs where their respective sounds can generate the most resonance.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Because the World is Perfidious, I Am Going Into Mourninghere (Skin & Bones) or here (Moshtache(7” vinyl)

Or download here (Let It Die) and here (Monolithian)

Stream it below:

Let It Die


Let It Die Facebook

Monolithian Facebook


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