Frontline – Subject of Hate


Subject of Hate
Thanks for Nothing

Glaswegian bruisers Frontline are back with their second release, the 8-track mini-album ‘Subject of Hate’, which sees them re-emerging with their chunky, doom-tinged beatdown brutality. And while I’m admittedly not a fan of hardcore being reduced to its simplest common denominator, as I said when reviewing Xibalba’s ‘Hasta La Muerte’, when its done right, damn, its done right. And Frontline do it right. An intro (seemingly the norm these days for a lot of hardcore bands) leads into the Bandcamp single ‘Cold Touch’, the vocalist asking ‘Karma, let me be your arms of justice‘. And justice is served time and again – the low-end riffs are frequent, as are the pounding drums and nasty beatdowns, and Paul Williams from Desolated adds a delightfully scowly touch to ‘Lost’. Don’t expect surprises – you know exactly what you’re getting here, and while not everyone will appreciate its downright brutality, those looking for spiteful lyrics and confrontational songs will no doubt want to step into Frontline’s arena.

Peter Clegg

‘Subject of Hate’ was released in August 2013. CDs available soon. Please click here for stream/release information

Stream it below:


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