Primitive Man – Scorn


Primitive Man

I’ve listened to some truly deceitful, hate-mongering music over the course of my life, but Primitive Man are without question creating some of the most oppressive noise imaginable when it comes to ‘Scorn’. The Denver, Colorado threesome’s debut album is dark and malevolent in every way possible, running on the combined fuel of their own bile and rampant misery. From the title-track through to the final sledgehammer blow of ‘Astral Sleep’, this is an endurance test and one that should be embellished with sound mind and focus. The ‘interludes’ for me don’t serve any purpose other than to perpetuate the anguished surroundings upon which you’re placed when experiencing ‘Scorn’ – they’re at their best when they’re punishing you with another crashing wall of fuzz and feedback, switching up occasionally as they do on the title-track with a blackened punk fury. Yet though I wouldn’t call this a perfect album by any means, Primitive Man cannot be ignored and thus this is recommended listening, particularly for any doom or sludge fan who thinks they can’t plumb any lower.

Peter Clegg

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