The Ineptitude of the Rail System and Eyehategod

Mike’s review of Eyehategod’s recent Manchester show, as well as his thoughts on the state of the rail network in this country. Always a good read!



I was delayed on the tram ride down to Manchester by an attempted suicide close to one of the met stops and when I got to Picadilly station, our intended train was cancelled, so we had to wait for the next one, at the other end of the station. When this train arrived it was already too full to board, and there were angry mothers shoving their prams on board to ensure themselves entry, while we stood, wondering if we were in some sort of social experiment.

   The next train was in 40 minutes, again at the other end of the station, so, hurling a half can of Strongbow at the departing cattle wagon and violently cursing ineptitude and privatisation, I set of back down to the other end of the station, amongst the “stags”, in Baywatch fancy dress to attempt to catch my third train.


By this…

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