Roomrunner – Ideal Cities


Ideal Cities

I first heard of Roomrunner when their bassist jumped ship to experimental noisy road doggies Dope Body, so getting hold of their latest album ‘Ideal Cities‘ was a must, even if only by association at first. Needless to say, it’s good when connections are positive, and when said connections prove to rock the shit out your brain and maybe even provide part of the soundtrack on one man’s summer? Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but judging by how often I’ve played this album – and not just for reviewing purposes – it seems that Roomrunner have pulled out a corker here. Grunge might well the only genre in the world more steadfast in its determination to remain old-school than black metal – though thankfully not elitist – but there’s an unrestrained joy beneath the familiar lethargy in vocalist Denny Bowen’s voice.

Ideal Cities‘ is the band’s second album and is a statement of how grunge can sound relevant in the 21st century, with Roomrunner the kids who grew up with the stuff and never forgot. ‘Bowlth’ ought to be a festival anthem in its own right, bookending its juicy centre with a pit-bouncing riff, like a young Foo Fighters sharing an authentic cold beverage with Mudhoney. The delights continue – ‘Weird’ sees vocalist/guitarist Denny Bowen reach a raging high in the album’s most intense moment, while ‘Apse’ bounces along at almost a coast before splurging into another anthemic chorus. I could care less that as a whole this offers nothing new to the genre, other than a slight noise-rock influence which ran alongside the original movement anyway. Why worry about that? ‘Ideal Cities’ is possibly the grunge album we’ve been waiting to come around for years. And we should all get hazy and lazy to it.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Ideal Cities‘ here
Stream it below:

Official site (Tumblr)



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