Fuck The Facts, Gets Worse, Pine Barrens and Death Tripper at the Kraak Manchester

CLDH’s review of the recent Fuck The Facts show in Manchester is now up! Read it here


Like a fistful of broken glass this line up promised to be savage, with premium disciples of grind travelling from near and far to the Kraak Gallery in Manchester. I decided to prepare by arriving early and pretending to help with load in, but then I sat in the baking sun by the small alley entrance to the Kraak, which smelt faintly of bins and piss, drinking two litres of Taurus before Death Tripper started.

The band from Nottingham, are an assault of thick tight groove over a barrages of percussion. There is the usual chaotic element of grind but their distinction is simplistic thrashed out punk riffs and downbeat that slows down into realms of sludgery. These are the moments which stand out with visceral crawling broken down aggression and torn vocals. It’s a shame there weren’t greater numbers present at this point but you wouldn’t have know that…

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