Oblivionized/Plague Widow -This Black Earth


Oblivionized/Plague Widow
This Black Earth (split)

Oblivionized are still in rude health despite the loss of one of their members, proving they still work fluently as a three-piece. Their contribution doesn’t show the experimentation that they displayed at the close of ‘Nullify the Cycle‘, sticking very much to what they know, which is the slamming tech-deathgrind for which they’re becoming known. ‘Hope is the First Sign of Defeat’ is a stormer, starting with the famous ‘I’m not going to take it anymore!‘ speech from ‘Network‘ before unleashing the hell, even allowing for a warcry of the song’s title in the middle. Its just a tiny pinch of additional melody to their sound in that moment, but not one that dilutes their sound and their two tracks are a worthy addition to their arsenal. San Francisco’s Plague Widow don’t necessarily set themselves apart but why bother when you can be just as furious. Their sound is fast and guttural, a bit on the technical side but not too weedly-weedly, and they make a hell of a racket for a duo. ‘Malignant’ in particular is a beast.

This has been out a little while now, and all European CD release copies have now sold out. I can’t find a download option anywhere but you can stream it and you can still buy the vinyl from Buriedinhell Records in the US. Do stream it below though, and get smashed.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘This Black Earth’ here (Vinyl, US)
Stream it below:

Oblivionized official site

Official site


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