Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair – Tales of Bonnie Scotland


Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair
Tales of Bonnie Scotland

A couple of years ago now, I stumbled upon the Perth grind/powerviolence duo fantastically named as ‘Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair’. Quite how is something that escapes me – what does stick in my mind is their debut full-length, ‘Contraception‘ which appeared on J Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke label. A concept album about blossoming romance, with its own little sinister turn at the end. They’ve been sort of busy since, casually throwing out a split here with Brazilian grinders Elasticdeath, and a chaotic split there with Scottish wastelords Deathwank, and two live releases. But ‘Contraception ’ was always the one people went back to. Any attention to their loyal following would have you well up on the fact that people appreciate a well-crafted album, even if said band are clearly having fun taking grind and stewing in songs about sharing an ice cream soda, and meeting your new girlfriend’s mother. There were even one or two who would call ‘Contraception ’ the band’s ‘magnum opus’. And that’s all before ‘Tales of Bonnie Scotland’ came out.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Its not as though WWWW hit it big with that album. I guarantee there’s a number of you out there who’ve probably stumbled across this band for the first time, and only if you have heard of them are you likely to be a dedicated follower of the adventures of guitarist Stuart Finnie and drummer Bobbie King. And it’ll probably be a cold day in hell before they reach a level where they could even dream of being called ‘sell-outs’. Still, ‘Tales of Bonnie Scotland’ has been in the works for sometime, originally due for release last year, even previewed on the ‘Live and Laughing’ album, yet only recently has the band now got it together for release. And we’re pleased to report that, if this is a continuation from where ‘Contraception’ left off, then that relationship is going really well.

And as the bagpipes that signal the ‘Tales of Bonnie Scotland Theme’ come to the fore, it’s a sign that the band are ready to hit top form again. And bang, out they come with blistering pace, wilder than Hurricane Bawbag, with fourteen of the grimiest paeans to Scotland you’ll ever hear. The first half is excellent stuff, from the short groove of ‘We Ride The Pink Crystal Falls’ to the coup-de-grace of ‘Aroused Moorhen’, yet following from the self-titled ‘Interlude’ – this time played out by the band – things really go up a notch as the band allow their massive plumage to unfurl –’The Lady of Loch Throbbing is exhilirating, a thunderously heavy, lengthier session; ‘The A9 to Houghmagandie’ possesses a cracking, brutal riff at first, falling into an angular yell of passion, while ‘Commanding Views of Loch Vulvula’ is a phenomenal way to finish, eventually progressing into a combination of the bagpipes playing over a truly doomy version of the theme. And with that, you’re spent. An exhilarating ride over the lochs and highlands of excitement, WWWW-style, leaving you throbbing and beat. I’m not sure Alex Salmond will take it up as part of his independence manifesto, but yet again WWWW prove that, not only do they (and Scotland) have the goods when it comes to this fast malarkey – whatever the result – but they might just have outdone themselves again.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Tales of Bonnie Scotland’ here (CD)
Stream it below:

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair – Tales of Bonnie Scotland (full album stream)


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