Visions: Vodun – Oya

It’s been a while since I constructed a Visions post, either because I haven’t been bothered or because most rock and metal videos weren’t interesting me any more. Well take a look at this! London trio Vodun, whose excellent ‘Eat Up The Sun‘ EP was recently reviewed here, have dropped the creepy and rocking video for ‘Oya’, where an outpatient is drawn towards the band upon which she encounters some rotten vegetables and eventually a out-of-body experience courtesy of the voodoo ritual that seems to be taking place. You don’t see much of the band but you don’t need to – ‘Oya’s power lies in its well scripted video, in which you can at least just about follow what’s going on. It’s also a mighty shock as well when the song kicks in. And I’m not talking about the song itself, which is thoroughly, brilliantly soulful rock once again.

‘Oya’ is out now via the band’s Bandcamp page for £1 or more, with a remix of the single, by Amatuer, as the b-side.

Peter Clegg

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