‘kin Hell Fest 2013 Fundraising Compilation


As some of you may be aware, despite the huge success of ‘Kin Hell Fest 2013, it wasn’t without numerous logistical and technical issues which led to the festival being quite a costly one for its promoters. For these reasons the team have been working hard to clear these debts, which up to now has involved selling off personal possessions and outstanding merch orders. But the latest initiative is one that everyone can get on board with and by ‘eck, it’s a corker!

For streaming below, we have for you the ‘kin Hell Fest fundraising compilation, a whopping 82-track album with over five and a half hours of material. Featuring offerings from various bands who performed at the fest, including Gore, Bong, The Day Man Lost, Diascorium, Iron Witch, as well as many more bands from across the UK and internationally as well. It’s yours for a minimum of £4 or anything above that if you’re feeling generous. All funds raised will go towards clearing the debts associated with ‘KHF 2013 and will look towards learning some lessons and creating an even better festival in 2014, and at a different venue too.

Get streaming below and head directly to http://kinhellfest.bandcamp.com/ to purchase the whole thing. And the zip file will be as heavy as the music itself, so make sure you’re in a Wi-Fi zone or something and get a brew on while you wait.

Peter Clegg


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