Burden of the Noose – The Forgotten Plague


Burden of the Noose
The Forgotten Plague

It’s been a little while since this was released but Birmingham’s Burden of the Noose conjured a masterful live EP entitled ‘The Forgotten Plague’. Squatting equally in sludge and hardcore punk bedsits, residing by the nefariously murky waters of death metal, the quintet provide some of the most evisceral booze grooves known to humankind. Throughout its running time, ‘The Forgotten Plague’ is a game of hiding in the woodlands to avoid mutilation. Burden of the Noose prove that act to be futile, each track here possessing its own brand of violent intensity, be it the grooves of ‘The Begging Game’, the hammering swagger of ‘Family Affair’ , and even doing their bit to raise awareness of testicular cancer (‘Cancerous Bollock’). Ok, maybe I’m slightly off track with that last point, and deliberately so. But the rest is all true. Should you survive this test, ‘The Forgotten Plague’ may in its own evil way call out to you for more.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘The Forgotten Plague‘ here
Stream it below:



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