Samothrace, Bell Witch and Black Magician

Here is the CLDH guys review of the recent Samothrace show in Manchester. Bazinga.


Samothrace, Bell Witch and Black Magician

The star and Garter festers in the heat of the rarely sighted sun, once again the ready receptacle; a decrepit husk that has the privilege of hosting some of the biggest noises you’ll hear, as Seattle based Doomers Samothrace and Bell Witch descend on Manchester with support from Scousers Black Magician.

Black Magician take to the stage fresh from their exploits at Roadburn. Their mid-slow old school doom vibe surpasses musical influence and has made its way through the aesthetics of the band, settling up onto the guitarists truly Iommi-fied upper lip. Endemically heavy grooves accompanied by organ synth keyboards are substantial though seldom change from their pace, and when they do it’s not quite sufficient to be distinguished. After a while, it feels like being dragged along but it seems the crowd don’t share this opinion, as a substantial fan base have…

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